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Good Will Diapering

Posted by CDB Guest on 9/25/2010 to Cloth Diaper News

As if we didn't need another reason to like Matt Damon, some recent surfing around the Internet revealed to us a nice plug for cloth diapers on the Celebrity Baby blog hosted by People Magazine. As it turns out, Damon and wife Luciana are avid cloth diaper parents, with GroVia named as a favorite brand. With a third child on the way this fall, it's our hope this lovely couple will continue green parenting and setting a great example for their kids.

In fact, we're hoping the practice catches on throughout Hollywood. While celeb blogs have mentioned other notables as cloth diaper fans - including John Travolta, Minnie Driver, Celine Dion, and Sofia Coppola - there are still a few holdouts. Actor Jerry O'Connell, while quite eco-minded when it comes to hybrid cars and energy-saving light bulbs, has yet to transition to cloth.

Hmm, perhaps Matt and Jerry should do a movie together soon, and talk shop.