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FAQ: Poop In the Washing Machine

Posted by Becca on 11/16/2011 to Baby Wearing

Cloth Diapering, from a Dad's point of view.

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/9/2011 to Getting Started

I rarely ever take the time to write, or blog, or even e-mail for that matter, about anything let alone cloth diapering.  Clothing diapering is pretty amazing though, amazing enough that I’d take the time to write about it.  When my wife first told me she was pregnant I was ecstatic!  When my wife first told me she wanted to cloth diaper… I panicked.  I’m a bit stuck on the way things are for most people, and most people do not cloth diaper.

Bummis Whisper Wrap

Posted by Bryana on 11/1/2011 to Getting Started

This item is our most popular cover, and we understand why. The Bummis Whisper Wrap promises and delivers superior durability and leak protection. Its features include heavy-duty, yet comfortable elastic at the legs and waist and soft materials on the exterior. In addition, you'll find that the size is generously cut and highly adjustable, using innovative Aplix-closing wings to snug around your baby. Whether you want premium wool diaper covers or other choices, Diaper Junction works hard to bring you incredible product selection and value.

Fleece Diaper Covers

Posted by Bryana on 11/1/2011 to Getting Started

There are many cover choices on the market, but how can you possibly know which ones are the most comfortable and most effective? Experience is the only way, and fortunately, Diaper Junction is ready to share its experience with you. We only carry cover choices that we've found to be highly dependable and attractive. Fleece diaper covers are a popular choice with some parents because of the added softness and snuggle value. Like your favorite fleecy jacket, robe, or blanket, this type of cover is super-soft on your baby.

Cloth Diaper Appropriate Clothing?

Posted by Becca on 10/26/2011 to Getting Started

In my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than a baby’s cloth-diapered bottom, or what cloth-diapering parents like to call a “fluffy bum.” Yes, it’s bigger than the bottoms of disposable-diapered babies, but we like it that way. That large bum means that we’ve chosen the best for our babies! And besides, it’s great when they’re first learning to stand and walk because it offers some cushion for the many spills and falls that are bound to happen daily.

Determining Cloth Diaper Size

Posted by Bryana on 10/22/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

How Do I Find the Right Size Cloth Diaper for My Baby?

How Do I Pick the Right Diaper Covers?If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You will not regret your decision to cloth diaper your baby.

Cloth Diapering: What do I absolutely need?

Posted by Becca on 7/7/2011 to Getting Started

It can be staggering to think of making the paradigm shift from disposable diapers to cloth diapers when you think of all the things that are out there that you absolutely need in order to start successfully. The thing is, though, you dont need most of those thingsthough many of them certainly make life as a cloth diapering parent easier. When I started shopping for cloth, looking at the list of these important things was dizzying to my head and to my budget:

Battle of the Bulk, Is it really that big of a deal?

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/18/2011 to Getting Started

The most common complaint I hear about cloth diapers is the BULK.  When I first tell people that I cloth diaper my girls they often get a puzzled look on their face and then inevitably tell me they don’t want something that big.  I too had this preconceived notion when I first started cloth diapering.  I thought back to the day when thick prefolds were the only option, fastened with pins and then covered with tough plastic covers. I was very surprised, however, how little I noticed it when I actually started using the cloth diapers. The only time it seems to be that much bigger than the disposables is at night when I use cotton prefold and a staydry liner together.

Where to Buy Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 6/10/2011 to Getting Started

Many people avoid cloth diapers not because they don’t like the idea, but because they don’t think that they can find them and the products needed for cloth diapering anywhere close to them. But there are actually many places that sell cloth diapers. This article will tell you where to buy cloth diapers.

Connect With Cloth

Posted by Bryana on 6/1/2011 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Considering cloth diapers for your baby? Excellent! We applaud your decision for your baby, for your family and for this green planet we all share. If you’re new to cloth diapering we want to welcome you into this community of parents by offering you all the support and cloth diaper coaching you might need to get started on this journey.

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Creams: Which can you use?

Posted by Julie on 5/1/2011 to Getting Started

Among experienced cloth diapering families it is well known that you must use cloth diaper friendly rash creams and ointments with your cloth diapers.  The problem, is that it's one of the most frequently forgotten or not even considered issues for those new to cloth or considering cloth.

Try that new diaper you've been drooling over! You've got nothing to lose.

Posted by Julie on 3/13/2011 to Getting Started

Take Advantage of our Cloth Diaper 30 Day Test Drive! Totally Risk Free!

Is there a new style or brand of diaper that you've just been dying to try? Perhaps you have a diapering method that works for you and you love the brands you already have, but you've had your eye on a new print or hot new brand?

"Flipping Out" over The Flip

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 2/24/2011 to Baby Wearing
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