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All In Two Diapers - AI2

Posted by Bryana on 3/22/2012 to Getting Started

All in Two Diapers

More and more people are becoming more environmentally concerned. And because of this, more mothers are switching to cloth diapers. If you are considering cloth diapers, then all in two diapers may be for you. This information may be able to help you make this decision a little better.

The idea of all-in-two cloth diapers is an increasingly popular one. These are similar to the traditional pre-fold and cloth diaper cover system, but they are also a little different. The idea of all-in-two diapers comes from the need for easy cleaning and changing.

All About the Freetime Diaper

Posted by Bryana on 3/17/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

If you are interested in learning all about the Freetime diaper, then you are on track to making your cloth diapering experience one of the best you will find anywhere. This great product by Bumgenius has changed the way people look at cloth diapering for many reasons. Now, cloth diapering is easier than ever.

Buy Cloth Diapers to Save Money

Posted by Bryana on 2/15/2012 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Having a baby is expensive. And in these times, some people find it almost unbearably expensive to afford everything that is needed for a baby. Diapers are at the top of this list. They are just not cheap. But, you can buy cloth diapers to save money so that you can afford your baby.

bumGenius Diapers – Hook and Loop or Snaps?

Posted by Bryana on 2/15/2012 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Cloth diapers have not always been the way they are now. Traditionally, they were bulky, not adjustable and fastened with safety pins – although nobody probably remembers that at all. Today, though, things are different. Now, you even have a choice with bumGenius! diapers – hook and loop or snaps? This article can help you decide between the two.

Chinese Prefolds

Posted by Bridget on 2/7/2012 to Getting Started

If you are considering cloth diapers, then you will no doubt hear about Chinese prefolds. These great cloth diapers are some of the most popular choices for most people that cloth diaper their babies because of the quality and how easy they are to use.

Debunking Top 3 Myths About Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/12/2012 to Getting Started

Cloth Diaper myths Busted!Not everything you hear about cloth diapers is true.  In fact, a lot of the perceptions about cloth diapers that are preventing people from making the switch back to cloth diapers are false. 

It would be more advantageous for you to know more about cloth diapers before you completely shun the idea of using these as opposed to disposable ones.  You will find that you and your baby stand to gain more when you use cloth diapers.  Take a look at these top 3 myths about cloth diapers:

Cloth Diapers for Newborns

Posted by Bridget on 1/5/2012 to Getting Started

If you have a newborn baby, it may be hard to find diapers in general for him or her, let alone if you want to cloth diaper your baby. Luckily, an increasing number of companies are selling cloth diapers for newborns in their collections so that even the tiniest of babies can be diapered using this method.

Tips for choosing the right size cloth diapers.

Posted by Becca on 1/2/2012 to Getting Started
Determining Cloth Diaper Sizemeasuring cloth diapers

When it comes to buying clothes for your baby, purchasing the correct size is important. It’s necessary to not only buy clothing that isn’t too short or too small, but also clothes that they can grow into a little bit. If you’ve decided to use cloth diapers on your child—consider them an addition to your baby’s wardrobe and realize that buying the right sized diapers for your baby is just as important as buying the right sized clothing—actually, more so, because jackets and onesies have never been asked to contain poop or keep sheets dry at night!

All in One Diapers Versus Disposable Diapers: A Battle of the Bums

Posted by Bridget on 12/22/2011 to Getting Started

At present, there are two main kinds of diapers: cloth and disposables. Modern cloth diapers can be classified into flat, fitted, pocket, pre-folded, all in two and all in one diapers. The all in one diapers are the closest in form and function to disposable diapers.

All About Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bridget on 12/21/2011 to Getting Started

After decades of using disposable diapers and buying into the supposedly unparalleled ease and convenience of using them versus using “old-fashioned” and “fussy” cloth diapers, moms all over the world are once again discovering the benefits of cloth diapering. If you are a mother seeking to know all about cloth diapers, read on.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

Posted by Bryana on 12/15/2011 to Getting Started

One of the first questions a cloth diapering newbie faces with a bit of trepidation is the question, “How many cloth diapers will I need?” Most people agree that a good number of diapers to have is 18 if you want to cloth diaper full time and wash them every other day, but this answer might not suit for everyone. How many diapers you have will really depend on your baby’s age, and on how often you wash diapers.

Cloth Diaper Definitions

Posted by Becca on 12/15/2011 to Getting Started

Choosing cloth diapers is much easier with a clear understanding of the cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories that are currently on the market. As the market is constantly improving itself, with manufacturers and Work-At-Home-Moms (WAHMs) launching new cloth diaper products, we will update these cloth diapering definitions. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

Choosing Cloth Diapers, Which diaper is best for your baby?

Posted by Becca on 12/5/2011 to Getting Started
If you're in the process of choosing cloth diapers instead of disposables, chances are you're trying to figure out which diapers to buy, which are most affordable and what's the difference between them, right?

This great post breaks down the various costs, compares diapers and gives you an explanation of the different types of cloth diapers available to you.

FAQ: What About the Poop?

Posted by Becca on 11/23/2011 to Baby Wearing

I make my decision to use cloth diapers well-known whenever possible and when people see my daughter's adorable fluffy butt, there is one inevitable question that is always asked: “What do you do with the poop?”

FAQ: What do I need?

Posted by Becca on 11/17/2011 to Baby Wearing

Okay, so you’ve decided to cloth diaper probably because you know you’ll save thousands doing so not to mention the fact that you’re helping the environment and your baby’s precious skin.  But what next?  What does cloth diapering your baby entail?

The stash. You need a stash of diapers that will suit your cloth diapering needs.  The amount of diapers you should have will depend upon whether or not you will be using cloth diapers full time or part time.  A newborn will soil 8-12 diapers a day and an older child will soil 6-8 diapers a day.  I would suggest that you need enough cloth diapers to get you through at least two days of diaper changes if you’re going to cloth diaper full time.  If you are going to do it part time, any number of cloth diapers will help keep your disposable diaper bill down.  Even if you only use three cloth diapers a day, that means you won’t have to buy 90 disposables that month.

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