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FuzziBunz Diaper features YOU will love!

Posted by Bryana on 9/26/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

FuzziBunz Diaper Features

If you are looking for the perfect cloth diaper, then there is one main reason that you should go with a FuzziBunz diaper. FuzziBunz is a great company that makes the Perfect Size diaper and Elite One Size Diaper, perfect for any baby.

The FuzziBunz diaper system is a great pocket diaper system that is quickly becoming very popular in the cloth diaper world, and is responsible for converting more and more people to cloth diaper use than any other brand. That is because these diapers are very easy to change and easier than ever to clean.

Through years of trial and use by customers worldwide, FuzziBunz has always listened and always set out to improve their line of diapers in order to ensure they're providing the best quality and function possible.

The FuzziBunz Perfect Size allows consumers to choose the size they'd like for their babies different ages and stages. No bulk, no adjustable snaps, just purchase the proper size and the diapers are ready to wear.

The FuzziBunz Diaper named the Elite One Size is an adjustable diaper intended to fit babies from birth through potty training. How? Well with the help of adjustable leg and waist elastic you're able to continually adjust the diaper as your baby grows eliminating your need to purchase future sizes. The Elite One Size is also great for families who have more than one child in diapers at the same time. It's adjustability allow you to use the same diaper on two different sized children.

You can find the entire line of FuzziBunz Diaper products and accessories for sale at

If you'd like to see exactly how to use and adjust the FuzziBunz Diaper please watch the embedded Youtube Video below.