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Fun Cloth Diapering and the "Collect them all" mentaility

Posted by Becca on 1/8/2015 to Cloth Diaper Humor
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Prints and colors make cloth diapering fun!

I have to admit to you, I have a “collect them all” mentality when it comes to cloth diapers. When I first started buying them, I made sure I had every bumGenius 3.0 available. Back in 2009 that wasn’t difficult because they didn’t even have prints yet. I remember when Fuzzi Bunz changed their colors to a more brilliant palate a year after my daughter was born and I was ecstatic! I got the brightest of the bunch and stuck them in with the rest of my stash, arranging them in rainbow order to admire all the different hues and tones. Soon after, I began getting so many different brands that collecting every color of every brand wasn’t realistic, but collecting every color of the rainbow certainly was! Eventually, I had enough diapers that I couldn’t excuse purchasing more of them but that didn’t stop me from admiring. Then, when my daughter potty trained and we didn’t know if we’d be able to have another child, I still got emails and facebook updates from my favorite cloth diaper companies and I continued to drool a little bit over the beautiful colors and prints they were offering. I eventually had to unsubscribe because it felt a little ridiculous.

Finally pregnant with my second, I eagerly purchased a few more diapers getting brilliant colors like a bumGenius freetime in mirror and a Diaper Junction OS diaper in electric lime. I don’t generally like prints but I even got a couple of them—a minky giraffe Fuzzi Bunz and a Kawaii Goodnight diaper in chocolate dots. Then, I beefed up my newborn stash with a couple of Imagine Newborn Bamboo AIOs in every color but pink. My husband was shaking his head at the whole thing because we still had a very full stash left over from our daughter. I rationalized the purchases by telling myself that a couple of our old diapers were worn out and that we wouldn’t be using any of the pink ones on my son (we most certainly did), so we’d need to replenish a bit.

Really though, the whole thing was just so much fun! Just as buying tiny, brand ­new baby outfits at a department store while awaiting your little one is exhilarating; buying new cloth diapers is really exciting! I could make do with the hand­ me­ down clothing everyone gave us before Baby Bear was born but what fun would that be? I could have also gotten by on only Bunny’s old cloth diapers but that was no fun either. I wanted to do some diaper shopping. At least Baby Bear got some of his own, brand new cloth diapers that way. It’s never any fun only ever using hand­ me­ downs.

Currently I really have no excuse to buy any diapers. We. do. not. need. them. Also, we’re on a tight budget so splurging is never an option. But I still like looking! BumGenius always comes out with the most creative prints and though Grovia’s colors are limited, they’re always fun and every couple of years they get a really great makeover! Kawaii diapers have more prints than you’d ever need and Thirsties’ options are simple, classic, and fun.

When your baby wears disposables you only have the fun outfit to pick out. When they wear cloth, you can match their bum to their threads all day long! Call me crazy, but I think that’s lots of fun. We don’t know if we’ll ever be blessed with a third child, but I’ll tell you one thing: if we are, I’m getting a whole new stash this time around and it’s gonna be filled with brilliant colors and prints!