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Full time Cloth Diapering costs too much?

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 5/3/2008 to Cloth vs. Disposables
When I ran my own online cloth diaper store, I would often listen to parents and caregivers voice arguments against cloth diapering their children. For instance, they would say, "I really want to cloth diaper full-time, but that's a lot more money than I want to spend."

I never felt it was my job to coerce them into the decision, so I encouraged them to sit down and figure out what diapering their baby would cost over the duration of that baby's diapering years; reminding them to consider (if only in their minds) that future babies could be on the horizon; cloth diapers aren't for one-time usage, like disposables. I told them to record all their numbers and make sure to do the same across any other diapering systems (cloth and disposable) they were considering.What did they discover?

If the question was simply the difference between a cloth diapering package such as the Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers in a full-time package of 12 fitted diapers to a package of 12 disposable diapers, then yeah, diaper to diaper the expense was higher.

If however, they considered the price of that same fitted diaper 6 years later, on their 3rd child, to the disposable diaper that was used once and tossed in the trash, then...maybe not so much.

Often I wouldn't even have to touch on the reduced environmental costs of cloth diapering before they realized I wasn't pulling their leg; they could see there truly was an opportunity to SAVE MONEY when diapering their kiddos. If whoever purchases the diapers in your home takes advantage of discounts found in cloth diapering packages, like the newest Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers package, you WILL WIN OUT financially.

Don't forget, when running those numbers to figure in the washing and drying, the detergent, the electricity, the labor, the "anything else you can think of," right down to production, cloth diapers are less expensive and more environmentally sound.No, full time cloth diapering doesn't cost too much. What costs too much is full-time disposable diapering. And that costs all of us, not just you.