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"Flipping Out" over The Flip

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 2/24/2011 to Baby Wearing

I think I have discovered the best combination of convenience and economy that I have seen yet in my cloth diapering journey. I recently had the opportunity to try the Flip One Size Diaper System. I'd heard lots of positive reviews, but honestly, it didn't seem much different to me than tri-folding a prefold cloth diaper and sticking it in a cloth diaper cover at first. However, since giving it a try, I have come to value the ease and economy that the Flip has to offer.

As my little one has grown into a toddler, I've come to appreciate convenience. I started out a die hard prefold and covers mom, convincing myself that the bulkiness and the extra few seconds were totally worth the money saved. However, my little one has always required a stay dry liner. At first it was no problem to me to put together the prefold and cover and then grab a liner to lay on it, or hold up her legs while grabbing the liner and placing it on the diaper before folding it and using a Snappi.

That was until I tried a pocket diaper.

It was SO nice having that stay dry liner already there, and it made spraying off the poop much easier! I gradually became sold on pocket diapers, but remained somewhat resistant to the idea of "All in Two" cloth diapers, such as the Flip. Not only have I come to appreciate an already intact stay dry layer to keep my baby's bum dry and make clean up easier, I also gradually came to value a trimmer diaper.

At first, I had an abundance of baby clothes, thanks to multiple baby showers, but as my baby grew and I had to start shopping for clothes, and found that the bulk of the prefolds that I used did limit my options. The wonderful thing about the Flip is that it combines the convenience of the already intact stay-dry layer (using the Flip stay dry insert) and trimmer fit with the economy of prefolds and covers! With the Flip system, you only need a handful of covers because wet inserts can be tossed in the pail and the covers can be aired out and used again a time or two before washing. The thing that I really love is that Flip inserts work great with my Thirsties Duo Wrap, Thirsties Diaper Cover, Bummis Super Brite and Super Whisper Wrap covers! If you already have a stash of covers, all you need to stock up on are Flip inserts!

One of the things I loved about using prefolds and covers is that I could hand wash the covers and hang them dry which enabled me to bring them back into circulation more quickly and reduced the number of covers needed. It also decreased wear and tear on the covers which made me feel that they would last longer. You may not want to do this, but with the Flip, at least it's an option! All in all, the Flip takes the economy and practicality of prefolds and covers and combines it with the convenience and trim look of pocket diapers for a perfect balance of savings of both time and money!


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