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Flip One Size Diaper System Review

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 3/21/2010 to Baby Wearing

Before this review, I want to thank Diaper Junction for their generosity; I can't recall the last time I received such great customer service from an online source and more than that-such AWESOME FREEBIES!!!

I have tried the FREE Flip One Size Diaper System I won and am very impressed.

My new Flip One Size Diaper is in the color Zinnia, which is SO perfect for my little daughter. She looks so feminine with her "hot pink" diaper cover on. The cover is very waterproof, yet not stiff, and has not leaked so far.

I like how I can tuck the insert in at the top AND the bottom, not just one or the other. I also like how the cover seems to look so trim on my daughter. I'm not sure why that is, but it's true.

Ideally, I prefer gussets sewn in, but like I said, the Flip One Size Diaper System hasn't leaked so far.

The only downside has been the snaps. I am more of a hook and loop person. However, the snaps will work great for when my daughter begins trying to tear off her own diaper.

Save Money with Flip's One Size Inserts

The Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert itself is probably the nicest insert I have come across so far. It's good and long and can be folded down to different sizes, so I only need one insert for the duration of my baby's cloth diapering years, which is a great money-saver.

The suede side is incredibly soft and luxurious! It is also nice and wide, just the right size to fit right into the Flip One Size Diaper Cover (imagine that!).

Flip Stay Dry Inserts & Potty Training Pants

I have to admit I haven't tried the Flip Stay Dry Insert by itself yet. I actually used it in a pair of Potty Scotty Night Time Potty Training Pants for my son, who is a heavy nighttime wetter.

The Flip insert, along with a medium size Diaper Rite Prefold, was enough to get him through the entire night. That truly amazed me. We haven't had success yet with other potty training pants and I hadn't thought about adding inserts in them.

So, thanks to Diaper Junction for carrying great products. It seems like they've really researched what they're carrying. Their prices are very competitive for what they carry compared to other sites. Their website is also easy to navigate and it just looks fun. It stands out from the many others out there.

Furthermore, Diaper Junction has super customer service. The staff was so friendly and helpful. They seriously treated me like I'm a friend; that is very rare in the retail world. Lastly, I'm thankful for their generosity in giving their customers such great reasons to keep coming back for more! I'll be visit their online store again and again to feed my stash!