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Flat As A Pancake...

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 2/10/2011 to Baby Wearing

...and I'm not talking about what your little one ate for breakfast, but rather what it will be contained in later! I have a true to the core, undying, unwavering love for flat cloth diapers. Call me cheap, call me "old school", call me anything, as long as you call me brilliant.

For $1 a diaper, you can have the most customizable, easily laundered, inter-changable diapering system ever…FROM BIRTH TO POTTY TRAINING!

Now, if you are new to cloth diapering, you probably think I'm nuttier than a walnut brownie (YUM), but I swear I'm not. The opportunities and possibilities that arise when flats are thrown in the mix are endless.

First, you can use them as cloth diapers under your favorite diaper covers, wool wrap, woolies, or coverless.

Next, you can get sick of looking at all white flats, and decide to do some crazy funky cool dyeing, and have basically a whole new stash (looks wise, anyways).

Then, once the little ones have potty trained, you have awesome cleaning rags, un-paper towels, superhero capes, bandanas, etc.!

It's seriously one of the most multi-purpose things ever invented in my opinion. NOT TO MENTION…after that romantic weekend when the baby stayed with the grandparents, and you end up with 2 pink lines on your First Response test, you won't have to go buy a whole new stash - you've already got the cloth diapers that will fit, no matter what!

So in case you still aren't totally sold on the perfection better know as flat diapers, I have compiled a list of 25 ways to use flat diapers:

1. As a diaper, duh.

2. As an insert for pocket diapers.

3. As a light blanket (think - receiving blanket).

4. As a swaddle for a newborn.

5. As a cleaning rag - dusting, cars, etc.

6. As un-paper towels in the kitchen.

7. As a bandage.

8. As a sling.

9. As a bandana.

10. Tie it to a stick and carry things in it.

11. As a burp cloth.

12. As a changing pad.

13. As a superhero cape.

14. Tie them together and make a rug.

15. Soft packaging for fragile items.

16. As a towel for your dog (or cat).

17. As lining for potholders.

18. As "Mama Cloth" - cloth menstrual pads.

19. As family cloth.

20. Use them as Swiffer pads.

21. As a draft stopper at the bottom of doors and windows.

22. As an ice-pack wrap.

23. Use to make doll clothes.

24. Use as a muzzle on your husband when he disagrees with you (hee hee).

25. Use them as tissues.

Now, see there? How could ANYONE argue that flat cloth diapers are not the most economical, versatile diapering system available today? Not to mention I would look pretty ridiculous wearing an all in one diaper (AIO) as a superhero cape!

Our grannies had it right y'all…if it ain't broke, don't fix it!


Maggie Dean (Hudson) is a fun-loving mama to her one and only Stella bean. Maggie loves parenthood, cloth diapering, natural living, co-sleeping, baby wearing, and this crazy thing called life :)