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Flash Giveaway, Win 200 points for you and a friend!

Posted by Julie on 8/15/2012 to Contests & Giveaways
How about a Flash Giveaway tonight!?

Flash Giveaway Details

Enter this Flash Giveaway via the Rafflecopter below. Share the post on Facebook, Share this blog post, Tweet a link and encourage your friends and family to enter.

Tomorrow at 5pm EST we'll chose a winner and that person, plus the person who is responsible for referring them, will each win 200 Diaper Junction points!

Diaper Junction points are redeemable for Stash Cash! You can check out the points values here.

Your window of opportunity is short. Enter while you can via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Date 8/15/2012 10:13:50 PM
Jessica McCune
Angie chapman referred me
Date 8/15/2012 10:16:19 PM
Anna Edwards
Date 8/15/2012 10:31:51 PM
Elizabeth Thorlton
Lindsay Hauenstein referred me!
Date 8/15/2012 10:58:38 PM
Kathryn Wade
200 Points!
Date 8/15/2012 11:07:45 PM
Jessica Williams
We love cloth diapering :)
Date 8/15/2012 11:22:06 PM
Wendy Rodgers
We just started cloth diapering and will definitely want to use them on baby #3 due in Jan!!
Date 8/16/2012 12:17:44 AM
Kayleigh Metcalf
Polly Valenzuela referred me!
Date 8/16/2012 7:48:40 AM
Woo hoo!
Date 8/16/2012 8:29:30 AM
Ruth V.
sent over by Polly Valenzuela :)
Date 8/16/2012 10:55:53 AM
K Spikes
Saw the Facebook message from DJ
Date 8/16/2012 10:56:15 AM
K Spikes
Saw the Facebook message from DJ
Date 8/16/2012 11:09:37 AM
William C
Sarah Catapano-Cooper referred me
Date 8/16/2012 11:29:07 AM
Lauren Heimann

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