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First Impressions of Cloth Diapers

Posted by Becca on 12/27/2010 to Baby Wearing

I’ve been using cloth diapers for over a year now and as I look at the cloth diapers that my daughter wears now as opposed to those she started with, I’m amazed at how differently I look at cloth diapering these days.  Specifically, I’m amazed at how some brands that were previously my favorites sit gathering dust unless I’m too lazy to do a wash and those brands that I didn’t like at first, are my favorites.

My most trustworthy cloth diapers are those I didn’t like at first.

Fuzzi Bunz One size is my absolute favorite pocket diaper.  Seriously.  I can’t live without it and I covet more of it the way I crave chocolate.  I like it because lots of work was put into it to not only make sure it has the best possible fit on your baby, but to insure the diaper’s longevity.  However, when I first used it, I was frustrated by the adjustable elastics in the legs and waist and irritated by so many snaps in the closure tabs.  I even told my husband I was sorry I’d bought it.  Now, however, it is the first diaper I go to from my stash of pockets and I sort of wish I’d found it first and had filled the majority of my diaper stash with it.

Knickernappies and I did not have a good relationship for awhile, mostly because it took me a very long time to adjust to using side snaps.  But after months of usage, it’s the first pocket diaper I go to for night time diapering because the insert is so reliable.  Also, I really like that it’s more trim than many of my other diapers.  Also, now that my daughter is older, I realize that this is a diaper she will not easily be able to take off herself.

My Katydids diaper frustrated me so much in the first weeks that I used it that I fully planned on selling it as soon as I was done reviewing it for this blog.  But both the amazing leak protection this diaper has due to snug elastics in the waist and legs plus an amazingly durable waterproof layer make it a diaper that I plan on keeping for a long time!  Besides, I discovered that my problems with the diaper were my fault, not the diaper’s.

I wasn’t really a fan of either fitteds or prefolds for awhile either, again because I found that they were difficult to use at first. But now I appreciate the classic diapers for their amazing absorbency and softness.  I love my unbleached Indian prefolds and I can’t do without my amazingly absorbent Happy Heinys Sherpa Fitted.

My advice to you as you embark on your cloth diapering journey is two fold:

  • First of all, I wouldn’t build your entire cloth diapering stash on one brand or type of diaper.  You may find that you love that brand, or you may find, over time, that it doesn’t work for your baby’s body type. What works for my skinny baby might not be ideal for your chunky child.  Besides if you stick to just one brand you may never find that perfect diaper with the best fit and most amazing absorbency that you’ve been looking for all along.
  • Secondly, give a new type of diaper a chance before discarding it, returning it, or passing it on.  Like everything else in life, some diapers require a learning curve.  You may hate prefolds and snappis now, but don’t be surprised if one day you put your pockets aside for the old school diapers your mother used.

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