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Family Focus: The Limato Family

Posted by Valerie on 5/1/2013 to Family Focus

The Family Focus series allows us to spotlight a cloth-diapering family that makes our online community so strong. This month's Family Focus is on the Limato family of Norfolk, Virginia. Jessica & Jamie have been married for twelve years and have three children.

How many kids do you have? What ages? Three--Tyson (8), Hudson (2), and Addison (1).

How many diapers are in your stash!? We started cloth diapering with a dozen prefolds and 4 covers. We quickly changed to pockets and have enhanced our stash with other options. We currently have 15 pockets (DiaperRite), 12 flats (Diaper Rite), 4 PUL covers (DR), 2 fleece covers (WAHM), 6 FLIPS covers with 8 inserts for the diaper bag and 6 Fitted ( Motherease Sandies). We also use cloth wipes and have 3 wetbags and 3 pail liners. We have 2 babes in diapers and will for at least 18 months.

What is your favorite diaper and why? Our favorite diaper depends on the situation. Hubby likes pockets but does not like hip snaps. Normally, Hudson wears pockets, but at night and nap time, he wears a fitted with a fleece cover. Addison normally wears a flat with a cover because a double stuffed pocket (necessary for pee output) looks silly on her small frame. We are starting to put fitteds on her as well at nighttime as she is peeing through the pockets.

What was the thing about Motherhood that came the easiest to you? The easiest thing with my kids as babies was putting them on a flexible feeding schedule. They ate every 2.5-4 hours, except Hudson who would cluster feed every 1.5 hours in the evening then sleep for 12 hours. I know this doesn't work for everyone, but it worked great for us.

What has been the hardest thing? The hardest thing was balancing motherhood and a career. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I was really challenged when I realized that I couldn't do both 100%. The first year I worked full-time, then years 2-6, I worked part time. This worked great until I had 2 babies 16 months apart. I then came home full time and began homeschooling our oldest child.

Are you a SAHM, Working mom or WAHM or does your spouse stay home? WAHM: I homeschool our oldest soon. That is a job!

What issues are important to you that led you to cloth diapering? Enviroment? Cost? Natural parenting? Cost led us to cloth diapering. I had been investigating it for months but was afraid to spend the money necessary to get started. We couldn't afford to waste the money if it didn't work. Ironically, the day I bought my first diaper for my 8 month old, I also found out I was pregnant. Cloth diapering is one of the ways we save money so that I can be home full time.

That said, cloth diapering was the gate way to more natural parenting. I did a natural birth with a doula for our third child, nursed her til she was 9 months, wear her and a host of other things as well. It doesn't hurt that many of these things save us money as well.

I hear your husband has done some Pinterest-worthy renovations in your home. What has been your favorite project and why? My husband loves to do functional d├ęcor at our home. With a lot of input from a friend, he built the boys queen-over-queen bunk beds with an attached desk and shelving and has built bench seating in our dining room. My favorite project was Addison's room. He painted, pick out her art and her chandelier. Her room is my favorite because it is just so pretty.