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Family Fitness: The 7 minute workout, perfect for moms!

Posted by Bert on 9/26/2013 to Family Fitness
What would you do if I told you that you could workout for seven minutes and it would be as good as getting in a 30 minute workout? Think I'm crazy? Is it too good to be true? Yeah, I thought the same thing when I heard about this so called seven minute is all that it takes workout. Science, however, begs to differ.

It's aptly called the Scientific 7-Minute Workout for seven minutes, using your body weight, the wall and a chair, moving from one circuit to the next with little to no breaks in between circuits. When you think about it, it really makes sense; take a run around your block or do jumping jacks for seven minutes straight pausing for ten seconds after each minute. I bet you'll be out of breath and your heart rate will definitely be pumping which is a great thing. The best way to burn fat is by doing cardio and by combining strength with those moves. My trainer also told me once that the bigger the muscle is the more fat it burns. So doing squats and lunges is only going to get your heart going and work those large thigh muscles and your booty! (Come on, I had to use the word, “booty!”)
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The authors of the study, the guys who came up with the 7-Minute Workout maintain that the difference between running or power walking for a straight seven minutes and doing their seven minutes of circuit training is the intensity differences between the two. A seven minute run will get your heart rate up there, however, it neglects the strength training part of a workout. The more strength that you build up the more fat has to be burned away. In their article, authors, Brett Klika and Chris Jordan, explain their reasoning behind coming up with the 7-Minute Workout, 
HICT (high intensity circuit training) is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity because of its efficiency and practicality for a timeconstrained society. The combination of aerobic and resistance training in a high-intensity, limited-rest design can deliver numerous health benefits in much less time than traditional programs
What all do you really need to do this workout? As I described earlier, you simply need yourself, a wall and a chair. there are handy apps available that act as a timer allowing you to focus on making sure those seven minutes are worth every 60 seconds. Remember, keep rests between each exercise no longer than ten seconds. You're only doing this for seven minutes so you need to make every second count. If you have more time once your first seven minute set is finished try doing the same seven minutes again. 

I love the idea of this workout. I haven't done it yet but I think that for a busy mom, we can all agree that time is like money to us. There are some days when I don't have time to workout for an hour. If I can focus all of my attention on accomplishing a seven minute high intensity workout it should have a similar result as a 60 minute workout, right? I'm going to test this out and then I'll let you know what I found.

Have you done the 7-Minute Workout? What did you think?

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