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Family Fitness: Making healthy Halloween choices

Posted by Bert on 10/31/2013 to Family Fitness
candy corn,halloween,fitness Today's the big day. The day the kids have all been waiting for...I've been waiting for it too. It's Candy-ween!!! I mean Halloween! That one day during the year when those fun size candies and treats can be consumed for weeks to follow. If you're trying to watch what you're eating today can put a huge dent in any progress that you've made. Lucky for you, I'm here to tell you that you do have a few options:

Option #1 - Indulge today but today only.

You don't have to have Halloween candy be a consistent part of your daily diet for weeks after this candy indulgent holiday. You can choose to indulge today and today only. This will take some restraint on your part after the day is over. I usually have my husband hide tempting food that's in our house from me. I figure why tempt myself when there's an easier way to remain on point.

Option #2 - Make better candy choices.

One candy is not like another and that definitely is the case when you compare portion size and ingredients. In their article title, Facts About Candy, Fitness Magazine gives a few helpful tips on which candy to "nibble on" and which candy to "nix." They offer suggestions such as choosing dark chocolate over milk. The taste of dark chocolate is stronger and therefore, you need less to satisfy that chocolate craving. Surprisingly they detail that white chocolate is your least healthiest option. Apparently there's no cocoa in white chocolate but there is cocoa butter and sugar...and lots of it!

For a the complete article click here.

Option #3 - Don't "cheat" at all.

Good Morning America's Tory Johnson shocked everyone when she dropped a whopping 62 lbs. in one year. She did it through changing her lifestyle to make a healthier one through diet and exercise. One thing that she's said that's really had a profound effect on my thinking is that she does not allow herself to have "cheat days" at all. Her reason? She views her struggle with her weight as an addiction. If she was struggling with alcoholism she wouldn't allow herself a cheat day to have a glass of wine, right? Right. I think if you believe that the struggle you're having with being able to live a healthy lifestyle lies within a food addiction this is absolutely the right mindset. 

For myself? I'm going with the cheat on Halloween method. Then it's back to healthy eating on Friday. So happy Halloween whether you decide to indulge today or stay away from the candy!



Michelle L
Date: 10/31/2013
I love the idea of treating your weight struggle as an addiction. I can't tell you how many times my "cheat day" has turned into a "cheat week" (or month). A little bit of candy isn't worth it!
Lyss Tayler
Date: 11/1/2013
I should stop cheating! I can never have just 1 piece. Or only have 1 cheat day. It turns into cheat year for me :(
Mary S
Date: 11/1/2013
We didn't go trick or treating this year since my son is only 10 months old and I thought people would find me weird trick or treating when he can't even have the candy. I would feel guilty eating it all so I saved a couple thousand calories by opting out. ;-)
Shanna Bethards
Date: 11/1/2013
I've been having the worst sugar cravings since having my DD in August and tandem nursing her and my son. Halloween is just one more thing. It IS like anadaddiction. When I'm ready, I think I'll need to go cold turkey for a while to kick the addiction, then add the very occasional cheat day. It's usually my best option. This post is spot on. Such a simple solution.
Rachel N
Date: 11/1/2013
We only went to 10 houses so the candy won't last long here. I made a point not to buy any on clearance today either. For me it is easiest if I just don't allow it to enter my house.
Kimberly Rimrodt
Date: 11/2/2013
We didn't go trick-or-treating this year, either, as LO is 11 mos. We did dress up to hand out candy, so we did have some leftovers. ;-)
Carly T
Date: 11/2/2013
I do tend to eat a lot of candy around Halloween, just because it's so accessible. I think for me it's best to strive for moderation though rather than complete abstinence. Sweet treats are nice once in a while, and Halloween is meant to be fun, not guilt-ridden.
judith martinez
Date: 11/3/2013
I let my kids each have 2 pieces a day until it's gone and I usually allow myself to have 1 at the same time. Once the chocolate is gone I cease to be interested so that works out pretty well.
Kim H
Date: 11/15/2013
We didn't go trick or treating because the boys are only 22 months & 3 weeks. Extra candy from handing out goes to my husband's high school students! Can't eat something that's not there!
Kae Arrington
Date: 11/21/2013
I knew there was a reason I've never cared for white "chocolate",
katie m
Date: 3/10/2015
This made me feel better because my occasional sweets are dark chocolate now and I would never skip out on it completely, too hard.
Danielle Gephart
Date: 5/6/2015
I'm a candy addict but have been really trying to be healthy, especially to set a good example for little one. This Halloween I'm going to try these tips! It's one of our favorite holidays :-)

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