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Family Fitness: Have a Dance Party with the Kids!

Posted by Bert on 3/21/2013 to Family Fitness

Fun and Fitness, Kids Style!

Since I started working out my kids have really gotten into working out with me. Some of my favorite workouts to do are with my four year old son and 21 month old daughter. And the best way to get the kids into working out with you is by having a dance party!

I try to get a few exercises in during the dance party but the key is to keep moving. Moving, moving, moving!!! I turn Pandora on to the Kidz Bop station and just start moving! Add a few jumping jacks, some burpees and crunches and you’re on your way to burning 200 to 300 calories as long as you get a good 40 to 45 minute dance party in.

It’s not rocket science. It can be fun and it should be. Just be careful…if you haven’t peed recently you may do so while laughing and jumping around!

Bio: Bert is a stay at home mom of two, wife to college sweetheart, and what she calls a "semi-crunchy" mama. After four years of being overweight related to pregnancies, Bert submitted a video entry into a local Biggest Loser type of fitness challenge; she was chosen and lost 25% of her body weight in 90 days. She blogs at FirstTimeMom about everything from cloth diapers, parenting, life and her recent passion with health and fitness.