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Family Fitness: Finding your local exercise TRIBE!

Posted by Bert on 9/5/2013 to Family Fitness
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Interested in starting up a new running habit? Wanting to get back into tip top running shape postpartum? You should check out a running club that's geared specifically for mothers. As a newer runner I can attest to the camaraderie that's developed through running with a group of girls. Running clubs allow you to sweat together, laugh together, and have a focused conversation with each other. It all sounds good, right? How do you find these groups and what should you look for?

First you need to decide if you want to run with or without your child(ren). There are clubs that offer stroller runs where you bring your kid(s) with you. One of those programs is called Fit4Mom (formerly known as Stroller Strides). Fit4Mom offers five programs: one pregnancy program, two stroller workouts, one postpartum program and a program that is free of charge and acts more like Moms Club. Fit4Mom does have a fee that varies from location to location. For more information click here and enter your zip code.

If, however, you'd rather use the run as your "me" time then consider joining a club that promotes running sans strollers. There are a lot of them out there but each state is different. When I was researching groups for this post I noticed that the policy for most of these clubs is kind of a "come as you are" attitude. Yes, that means stroller or no stroller, runner or walker, whatever you're comfortable doing you'll be accepted. Why? The most important thing is that you get active!

In the meantime check out these clubs and resources:

Moms in Motion - This site is kind of like a hub of everything motherhood and fitness. There are local fitness groups that do everything from running to yoga.

seeMOMMYrun - Similar to Moms in Motion, seeMOMMYrun, is simply a hub of all things active and local, "free online social networking for active moms."

Moms Run This Town - Moms Run This Town is a free running/walking group that's nationwide. You can locate a group by visiting the site.

Women's Running Clubs - - Another Mother Runner has compiled a really great list of running groups by state.