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Fall in LOVE with One Size Cloth Diapers!

Posted by Becca on 3/21/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Cloth Diapering with One Size Cloth Diapers.

I love one size diapers! In fact, I can say that about 95 percent of my stash is made up of one size diapers.

Most of those sized diapers and covers that I do own, are currently sitting in a to sell pile because I just dont like having diapers around that I cant useeven if it is because they have already been used or will be used in the future.

I think the biggest reason, though, that I love one-size diapers is because they save you even more money in the long run than diapering with duplicate stashes in 3-5 different sizes. Instead of buying enough diapers in each size range to diaper your baby, you buy one stash of diapers that you will use from birth to potty.

How sweet is that? That means that youll need about 24 diapers in your stash instead of 72, 96, or 120. That makes a huge difference!

There are lots of different kinds of one size diapers out there and different ways to achieve using just one diaper for many shapes and sizes of babies.

Many diapers can be folded in order to fit different sized babies. Flat diapers are a great example of that. Folded in almost as many styles as origami animals, they offer multiple ways to suit babies of all sizes. Because they become thinner as they are folded for larger babies, you can double them up to get the necessary absorbency.

Prefolds are not really one-size diapers, but if you choose, you can use them that way. Buy regular sized prefolds and fold down one end as necessary before putting it on your baby. Sure, it will be bulkier than a prefold in the correct size, but if your budget just cant cut another set of them, then it will work famously! Many prefolds, such as the ones used in bumGeniuss Econobum, can be folded in different directions to meet the one-size criteria. Even contour diapers which are simply prefolds/flats with crescents cut out at the legs to lessen bulk, can be folded to achieve different sizes.

Most modern cloth diapers achieve their one-size quality with a row of snaps in the rise. Generally there are three rows of snaps for small, medium, and large sizes, but occasionally a diaper such as Happy Heinys or Rump-a-rooz will add a fourth row to meet the needs of newborns and better achieve one-size status. Sometimes, one-size diapers will come in two sizes.

Thirsties has chosen to offer two sizes of one-size covers. A small cover with three sets of rise snaps that suits babies who weigh 6-18lbs, and a large cover with three sets of rise snaps that suits babies who weigh 18-40 pounds.

Happy Heinys has also offered a smaller version of their one-size diaper with the Mini-One size, a diaper that will fit babies who weigh 4-15 pounds. These smaller-larger one-sized diapers make sense for newborns as true one-size diapers can be too bulky.

Correct me if Im wrong, but I only know of two brands of diapers that achieve one-size status with adjustable elastics: Fuzzi Bunz and Rocky Mountain. Within the legs of Rocky Mountain diapers, you will find an elastic with snaps on it that will adjust the leg size appropriately as your baby grows. Fuzzi Bunzs adjustable elastics include a button and button hole and they arent only in the legs, but the waist as well. This means that Fuzzi Bunz has been able to cut down on the bulk at your babys belly since not as many snaps are needed there to achieve different waist sizes.

Most one size diapers have a wide range of size possibilities in their closures. Whether they use Velcro or snaps, they have a lot of adjustability in the waist.

Most of these diapers also include crossover tabsmeaning that for very skinny babies, you can attach one closure tab to the other to achieve a snug fit. Diapers such as bumGenius and offer a wide strip of Velcro at the waist, while diapers such as Smartipants have opted for snaps.

Either way, their diapers are sure to fit babies with tummies of all shapes and sizes.So why should you opt for one-size diapers? Well, in my opinion, youll save a lot more money. I mean, youre already saving money as it is simply because youve chosen to go the cloth route. Eliminating an extra 48 diapers will save even more.

Another reason that some moms choose them is that they are extremely convenient when you have two babies in diapers. One-size cloth diapering is an extremely convenient diaper route, no matter how you choose to look at it. Theyre convenient on your wallet, convenient on your organization, and convenient for multiples in diapers. You just cant go wrong with one-size diapers!