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FLIP to the Rescue during Hurricane Irene

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 9/3/2011 to Baby Wearing

...and a few money saving idea to get you started. This is my first venture into cloth diapering and so far it has been a joy!  I started my cloth diaper stash with a few hand me down pocket diapers and have added a few Flips, cotton prefolds and homemade fleece liners.

During  Hurricane Irene  I knew it would be tuff.  We live on a small homestead and I was to be alone with my 3 children, 4 goats (two who had to be milked), pigs, chicken, rabbits, ducks and cats,  you see my husband is a firefighter and was called to emergency duty.

I was tempted to brave the big box stores and buy disposables knowing that we would be without power for a un known period of time. It is not uncommon to go without power for more than a week when a storm hits this rural area.

I never did get to the store, so cloth diapers it was for better or worse!  With little time to prepare I washed everything dirty and hung them around the house. The washing machine finished the cycle just minutes before we lost power. Whew I had dodged that bullet!

I knew that it could be awhile before the laundry was done again so I figured what better time to see how many Flips do you really NEED. I am happy to report that the claims all true.  I was able to successfully cloth diaper with only two Flips and several cotton prefolds for 4 days!  My daughter is only 2 1/2  months old and breastfed, as all you moms know, that means lots of changes throughout the day!

How did I do it?  When I changed her I wiped out the covers and alternated them to allow them time to air out between uses.  When they did become soiled it was easy to hand wash with soap and water. They dried in an hour and where ready for duty!

I love my Flips and plan to replace the old pocket diapers a little at a time with the Flip system.

Here are a couple of money saving tips that I would like to share:

I was given a couple of older pocket diapers that were leaking.  After repeated attempts to strip them proved unsuccessful.  I knew they were destined to be trash.  I decided to try and cut out the lining and make a sort of “homemade” diaper cover. They worked beautifully!  So don’t pass by the stained/ ruined pockets just repurpose them!

Use old flannel bed sheets, receiving blankets and shirts to cut up into flannel “prefold” diapers and homemade cloth wipes. You can also repurpose old t-shirts. Search the Internet for instructions. There are no sew and sewing patterns for free!

Use old fleece clothing or blankets to repurpose into fleece diaper liners these do not have to be hemmed at all and will extended the life of your diapers if you need to use non-cloth friendly diaper ointments.  They also make cleanup of poops easier.

Cloth Diapering with my Flips saved me money, laundry and my sanity during the Hurricane.  I would like to also add that they are so easy to use that my 7 year old and 8 year old can easily help with diaper changes!

Guest Blogger:

Dolly lives in Suffolk VA, she is a SAHM, Homeschooling, Homesteading, cloth diapering mom to 3, and wife to one awesome man.