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FAQ: Poop In the Washing Machine

Posted by Becca on 11/16/2011 to Baby Wearing

Poop is definitely the thing that seems to gross people out most when it comes using cloth diapers. I think that a lot more people would look into using cloth diapers if they weren’t grossed out by the idea of washing poopy diapers in the same machine that launders the rest of their clothing.

Most of my large family—I’m the oldest of seven kids—accepts the fact that I use cloth diapers, but one of my sisters in particular, just can’t wrap her brain around the idea of putting poopy diapers in the washing machine. One day this summer, we were over her house to meet her boyfriend for the first time and she was eager to show him my daughter’s weird diapers.

“When you guys have kids, I’ll make sure you have plenty of cloth diapers,” I said, assuming she liked the idea.

“Oh, no, I could never use cloth,” she responded, sneering her nose. “I just can’t get over the idea of putting poop in my washing machine where I wash my other clothes.

I tried to explain to her how most of the poop never makes it into the washing machine because you’re supposed to knock the solids into the toilet or even just spray them off with a diaper sprayer.

I told her about the nifty disposable liners you can buy and flush so most of the poop doesn’t even come in contact with the inner layer of your diapers.

I made the case that washing machines are sturdy appliances made with disgusting things like poopy diapers in mind. They were created to remove germy and messy stains and leave your clothes fresh and clean.

And when that didn’t work, I mentioned the $1,500- $3,000 that she will save if she does decide to use cloth.

And the jury is still out. I’m not sure that she’ll make the switch to cloth. But if she did, I know she would love it. I certainly do. I wash diapers in my machine every two days between regular washes of our clothing and I’ve never found poop on one of my T shirts or had a pair of jeans smell like farts.

Yes, some poop ends up in the machine and is washed out of my diapers, but does it affect my fashion statements? Absolutely not. Our clothing is just as clean as it ever was!

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