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FAQ: Are Cloth Diapers Really Reliable?

Posted by Becca on 10/28/2011 to Baby Wearing

Its crazy how often I hear this question when parents consider cloth diapers for the first time, or when they hear that cloth is all I use on my daughter. Its crazy to me, because, I cant think of a diaper that is more reliable than a cloth diaper.

Think about it. Disposable diapers are made for one time use and they are rolled out by a machine. They are made of paper and some flimsy plastic. Cloth diapers are made to be used over and over again and usually sewn by hand. I dont know about you, but from that fact alone, Ill put my trust in cloth over disposables.

When my daughter was a newborn and we didnt have enough cloth diapers to use them full time, I definitely had more blowouts with the Pampers and Huggies than I did with her cloth diapersand that was with one size diapers that dont always fit a newborn properly. Once her skinny thighs grew into the one size diapers, not even breastmilk poop could make its way out of her cloth. Pampers, on the other hand, that were appropriately tiny, let the milky poo not only leak through her clothes but once it dripped all the way through her swing and onto my white carpet. That was the last time I ever trusted a disposable diaper!

Honestly, though, bias aside, cloth diapers are going to be more reliable simply because theyre made to last a long time. They are made with durability in mind. And there are so many options that if the fit of one cloth diaper or the absorbency of another one doesnt work for you, you will surely find the right brand or style of cloth that will. I know youve got prefolds, pins, and rubber pants in mind when you think about cloth and I know how those rubber pants can leak. But todays cloth diapers are not the ones your mother and your grandmother used. Todays cloth diapers are made with the busy, multi-tasking, often-working mom in mind. Theyre easy, theyre quick, and theyre reliable.

If you have something to add, or a question about cloth diapers that you would like answered on this blog in the future, please comment below and Ill be sure to do my best to answer you. We want you to find this blog as a resource to help make cloth diapering easier for you.

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