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Does the Southeast LOVE cloth diapers more than the rest of the USA?

Posted by Julie on 4/8/2014 to Cloth Diaper Humor
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Do people in the Southeast have more LOVE for cloth diapers?

The United States can be divided into approximately FIVE regions, for the purpose of this post we're using this map as our guide.

Lately we've gotten to wondering, according to who shops at Diaper Junction for cloth diapers, which region seems to contain the most cloth diaper addicts, more than any other region?

The obvious leader, according to our customers and where we ship their orders, is the Southeast! Can you believe it? Despite the fact that Diaper Junction is located in Virginia Beach, we ship more cloth diapers to the Southeast than to the Northeast!

Don't you wonder why?

The results have us curious, could there be reasons why cloth diapering is more popular in the Southeast?

Possible reasons...
  • Weather? Could it be that warmer weather makes cloth diaper case and use easier? Babies wear less clothes, sunning and line drying is easier, and laundry situations may be more convenient.
  • Population? Of course there are more populated areas in the US and this does have an impact on results.
  • Shopping? We know not every single person in the USA shops for their cloth diapers at Diaper Junction, although that would be awesome if they did, so we have to take into consideration that other regions shop at other retailers.

    Our results are based solely upon customer orders placed and shipped via Diaper Junction.
  • Is green living more popular in certain regions?
What other reasons or conclusions can you make based upon the map, regions and our findings? Are you in the Southeast? Comment and share your thoughts and location with us!