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Do cloth diapers make you glow in the dark, literally?

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 10/19/2010 to Cloth Diaper News
I'll tell you right now, Carrie and Samantha and those other gals can keep their Fashion Week in NYC...for the mom who's looking for something that truly speaks to style, the latest designs from the major cloth diaper companies are really creating a buzz!

Here we've covered (pardon the pun) upcoming prints from Bummis and the much discussed bumGenius! artist series, and just when it seems one brand has outdone the rest, along come Happy Heiny's and their glow in the dark skulls.Yep, bad to the bone skulls and crossbones. You see baby toddling up in these, and you might as well cue George Thorogood and take a deep breath, because one can only wonder what you'll find inside...The skull design is one of two glow in the dark prints Happy Heiny's has planned to release - the other is a cute night owl design.

Already I've seen on Twitter a few moms excited about this particular print, and how they plan to buy them for their girls - eat your heart out, Jack Sparrow. Other comments...some have wondered what benefit glow in the dark can bring, aside from night changing. For me, I think it would be helpful to spot a glowing diaper on the bum of a toddler who should be in bed rather than toddling around! Of course, so long as the diaper does what it is supposed to do and keep my baby dry and comfortable, it can glow all colors of the rainbow.

So, what do you think of glowing skulls? Fright or delight?