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Diva Cup vs. Lunette Cup, Which menstrual cup should you choose?

Posted by Julie on 7/1/2013 to Green Living
Taking the plunge into using a reusable menstrual cup over a cloth or disposable method can seem like a big step. So Diva Cup vs. Lunette Cup, Which menstrual cup should you choose and how are they different?

Read on below to discover my experience with each and the differences between the Diva Cup and Lunette Cup.

How are they the same?

Both the Diva Cup and Lunette Cup come in two sizes. Typically size 1 is for teenagers and young women who have not yet had children. If you've had children you most likely require size 2.

Both the Diva Cup and Lunette Cup are hypoallergenic, made from high quality silicone and are BPA-free and Latex-free. Neither cup contains plastic. diva cup,lunette cup

Each is designed to be inserted in the vagina by the user and can often be left inserted for up to 12 hours to collect menstrual flow. Once you become accustomed to how the cup method works and the amount of flow you can expect on each day of your monthly cycle, then you'll have a better idea of how often you should empty it.

How are the Lunette Cup and Diva Cup different?

Diva Cup Lunette Cup
Clear only Available in various colors
Size 1 made of slightly softer silicone than Lunette Size 2
Hollow cylindrical stem Flat stem
MSRP $34.99 MSRP $39.99
Made in Canada Made in Finland

My thoughts on their differences

Having tried both the Lunette and Diva Cup it is my belief that much of the differences can be either a pro and/or con compared to the preferences of the user.

I prefer colored cups because I like that the color disguises any discoloration and looks nicer when it's sitting in my medicine cabinet. However some women may prefer clear because they can sterilize it and KNOW that it's totally clean and clear.

I prefer the flat stem of the Lunette. I feel it's easier to grab on to for removal and makes more sense than the hollow rounded stem of the Diva Cup, which you have to pinch and flatten anyhow to grasp on to. I have a much easier time removing the Lunette than the Diva Cup.

The silicone the Lunette is made of seems more flexible and easier to insert to me personally. However this can in turn affect the seal and suction created by it when inside your body. I am able to wear the Diva Cup for longer without leakage than the Lunette Cup.

Although I am not a Size 1, I do also think it's a nice touch that the Lunette Size 1 is made of a softer more flexible silicone than the Size 2. This will result in a cup that's easier to insert and more comfortable.

The above opinions are simply my own and can vary from user to user. Do you have a preference and/or differences between the Diva Cup and Lunette Cup that you'd like to share? Please comment and let us know.