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Disposables too expensive? Try Thirsties Duo All In One's!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 10/1/2008 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
If you've been reading this blog long then you are well aware that we support cloth diapering. Not only that, we can't imagine anyone wrapping their baby in anything BUTcloth diapers.

We've hit some hard topics here - about why someone would even consider cloth diapering, to how easy it is to use a cloth diaper, and we've even touched on different styles of cloth diapers and what works for which people.

So you just might be at the point where you are READY to try out some cloth diapers, and wow, you couldn't pick a better time, because we have a new product!

The Thirsties Duo AIO Cloth Diaper Made up of three parts, with an option to stuff in a fourth, the Duo AIO has an outer breathable, yet waterproof layer, an absorbent core center, and an inner lining of stay-dry microfleece that wicks moisture into the pocket diaper and away from baby's sensitive skin.Secures around baby with velcro sewn to wrap-around tabs, this pocket diaper is AS EASY TO PUT ON as a disposable.

And let me tell you, with the way disposable prices are rising, you'll be looking for alternatives soon if you haven't already.If you're worried about those newborn blow-out leaks, check out the leg gussets on the Duo AIO! In all diapers (cloth or disposables, leg gussets are your final barrier against blow-outs, but the problem is that each baby is shaped differently.

Disposable diapers are made of paper and aren't adjustable enough, but cloth diapers can curve with your baby's shape - especially the pliable leg gussets in Thirsties Pocket All In One Diaper V1 - they'll seal in moisture and protect you and your baby's clothing.Thirsties Pocket All In One Diaper V1 are a sure fit for your wee little ones - wrapping baby in dry, rash free comfort from as small as 6 lbs.!To top it all off, Thirsties Duo All In One Diaper V1 are made right in the USA; they support fair trade! Not shipped here from China, not imported from Mexico. Nope, these cloth diapers are made by a group of skilled women working in the comforts of their own home.