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Disposables to Cloth

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 5/3/2010 to Cloth vs. Disposables
When I was growing up I thought the idea of cloth diapering was silly and disgusting. Seriously, why would anyone want to deal with the poo scraping, toilet swishing, diaper pinning, stomach turning stink, cloth diaper washing, and all of the work that comes from cloth diapering? Why not just use disposables and throw the nastiness away? Not have to deal with scraping poo (can I say EWW…) and washing diapers. All you had to do was wrap the nasty poo up inside of the diaper and toss it into the trash. Of course as a kid I didn't think of the tens of thousands of diapers that would then be sitting in the landfills for months and months on end.

I didn't know about all the options.

Back then there wasn't the option of all in one diapers, fitted diapers, DIAPER SPRAYERS! Ever after we had our first son I didn't really have a clue there were different kinds of cloth diapers other than prefold diapers with diaper pins and plastic covers. None of my friends used cloth diapers and I wasn't really in the "cloth diapering circle." Disposables were good for us and that was what I would stick with…or so I thought.

For the first year of my sons life we only used disposable diapers.

For the first year of my sons life we only used disposable diapers. It was hard on the pocket book, but in my mind, there weren't any other options. One day my cousin showed me a FuzziBunz One Size Diaper and I was in awe. They were amazingly cute, so soft, had snaps (or velcro), and grew with my child from birth to potty training. Not to mention the natural fabrics that are free of nasty chemicals and oh-so-soft on my little man's bum. I then started researching all of the cloth diapering options and I realized that the options were limitless.

Not my Grandma's Diapers?

After I realized that cloth diapers were no longer like the diapers of my grandma's day I got very interested in trying them out. My first diaper that I got and tried was a FuzziBunz diaper like the one that my cousin showed me. The diaper fit perfect and worked like a charm. I could see an addiction coming on!! In the months since, I have feed my addiction with more FuzziBunz, NuBunz, bumGenius!, Nifty Nappy, and the list could go on. Cloth diapering is much easier than I thought it would be and not nearly as nasty as I had assumed. Granted, there have been those times when I almost lose my cookies because my son has the "runs" or an explosion of "you know what"! Still, I am loving the process and I look forward perfecting my cloth diapering skills.