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Disposable Diaper promises are all wet.

Posted by Bryana on 10/29/2009 to Cloth vs. Disposables
From time to time truly interesting articles pop into my inbox, and the October 25, 2009 article, P&G Introduces Pampers 3 Way Fit Diapers, published in the business section of Vanguard's e-zine is no exception.

The article starts innocently enough, detailing a "Dance with Dad" dance competition sponsored by Pampers to promote their new Pampers 3 Way Fit diapers. The article explains that the diapers "…are designed to celebrate the freedom of movement which is important for babies development, as it allows little ones to explore and discover the world around them."

I can get behind the idea - better fitted diapers restrict less, leaving baby with increased mobility. Increased mobility encourages movement. Movement is good for baby's body on a physical level, as well as a mental level. Development occurs.


So maybe Pampers and I don't necessarily see eye to eye on the whole paper -v- cloth diaper issue, but we do both understand the importance of a diaper to not resemble a straight jacket.

Got it.

But then the article goes off the deep end gets a little quirky; it quotes the Pampers Brand Manager of West Africa, Guillermo Tafurt, as having educated "Dance with Dad" participants "…on the advantages of discovering their babies' unique moves, which help develop their sense of positive self-esteem, whilst encouraging greater movement exploration." And of course, since Pampers 3 Way Fit diapers are designed to move with babies, I'm sure you are more than prepared for the "natural extension" of these self-esteem findings, right?

Are you ready for this? "…recent studies with global academic experts show that Pampers delivers superior sleep quality over cloth diapers, resulting in babies' improved learning and social interaction." Take a moment to let that sink in.

According to "global academic experts" - which cannot be mentioned, nor cited, "Pampers delivers superior sleep quality over cloth diapers…". No definition of what defines "superior". No explanation of "sleep quality". No clarity on which cloth diapers were tested alongside disposable diapers. No studies, period. We're supposed to read and drink-in this information at face value, but not just that, we're also supposed to swallow their result…that the superior sleep quality of Pampers babies resulted "…in babies' improved learning and social interaction.".

Disposable diapered babies apparently will be the popular kids in play group, moving from "Mommy and Me" straight into AP high school coursework, and on to Harvard. I'm not buying it. And apparently the 3 that commented on the thread weren't in agreement either - requesting documentation of the supposed studies. Not surprisingly, no documentation has been given.