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Diaper Sprayer: Helpful or Lethal?

Posted by Becca on 1/5/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Diaper sprayers are a wonderful invention. They function for so many things other than just cleaning off your poopy diapers. They're great for cleaning your bathroom, for personal hygeine, and even for your mama pads. In fact, diaper sprayers are really an old invention because you'll find them in most houses and hotels throughout Europe in the form of a bidet. But I digress.

Spray with Caution!

Diaper sprayers can also be dangerous weapons. You laugh now, but wait until you're cleaning one of those poopy diapers and your one year old comes up close to you and cuddles your leg and Oops! Poop shoots out of the toilet and onto the wall as you lose your aim.

I can imagine as I think back to my childhood and the many times my siblings and I dumped icy water into each others shower that they'd also make wonderful intentional weapons as well once my daughter and her future siblings grow up.

But the worst is when you accidentally spray yourself with them as I did the other day because you catch the spray button in the mounted hook on the wall as you try to put the diaper sprayer away and aim it right at your face. Talk about a shocking way to wake up in the morning! I'm not sure what was worsegetting sprayed in the face by ice cold water, or knowing it was toilet water that was shooting at me (though, granted, it was clean). In any case, I had to laugh as I hastily started my shower and jumped in before the water had even warmed up because I was so eager to wash away diaper sprayerwater from my hair and my eyes.

So, in the future, as you use your amazingly, multi-talented cloth diaper sprayer to do the many chores it is there to assist you with, please be careful when returning it to its wall-mount that it is:

  1. Aimed away from your face.
  2. Don't hold the spray button down.
All I can say is that it could have been worse. My hand could have slipped while cleaning off a soiled cloth diaper! :-D Of course, the benefits of using a diaper sprayer outweigh my clumsiness with it. I'm ecstatic that I can de-poop my cloth diapers without dunking my hands in murky toilet water, and that I can sometimes even do so without even getting my hands wet!