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Diaper Rite's NEW Redesigned Wet Bag is in stock NOW At Diaper Junction!

Posted by Ellen on 5/14/2018 to Cloth Diaper News
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Today we take a closer look at the Newly Re-Designed Diaper Rite Wet Bag.

At only $10.95, this bag is not only affordable but also high quality and comes in adorable prints you are sure to love! How is this new version different? Better keep reading to find out! 

Diaper Rite Cloth Diaper Wet Bag: Perfect Size for On the Go!

diaper rite wet bag

The Diaper Rite cloth diaper wet bag is the best place to store your wet cloth diapers while you are out and about. Our cloth diaper wet bag is made from water-resistant TPU fabric and features a zippered closure.

The double barrier seam on the inside of our bags help prevent leaks!
 diaper rite wet bag

Check out the features of our newly redesigned wet bag:

  • Approximately 11" x 16"
  • Holds about 3-5 diapers
  • Snap strap allows for easy storage and carrying.
  • NEW Front zipper closure contains messes.
  • Washable & reusable

Diaper Rite Wet Bags Go Anywhere!

Diaper Rite cloth diaper bags are versatile! Use them to store swimsuits and wet towels or sweaty work out gear. Use them for dripping umbrellas, dirty shoes or any other item you'd rather not have leaking onto your car seats and carpet.

Our cloth diaper bags are water resistant and durable. Buy more than one and share them with members of your family or give them as gifts to new parents or parents with older children on sports teams!

diaper rite wet bag

The above are just a few of the reasons you should give our new Diaper Rite Wet Bags a try! What's stopping you? Visit Diaper Junction today and shop now!

Thank you for reading about our new and improved wetbags for cloth diapers. We can't stress enough how essential wetbags can be for families, even those with children who are not in cloth or are not of diapering age. Because we believe every family can use a wetbag or two in their life, we strive to make our Diaper Rite products affordable and adorable for all.

From sleepover bags to travel, poolside play or potty training accidents, our wetbags have a place and use for almost every aspect of your lives!