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Diaper Rite pockets are just right!

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/21/2011 to Cloth Diaper Reviews

Diaper Rite Pocket Review

I can’t seem to resist a free diaper offer from Diaper Junction.  A month ago they offered one up, and I bit.  I love free diaper promotions, it’s always nice to get a little more for your money!  It also gives me the opportunity to try something I’ve never used before.

I received a Diaper Rite pocket in the bright green Turtle color from the last promo. This was fun on a few levels- I don’t own many pockets, and barely any green diapers! As someone who uses GroVia AI2s, Tots Bots, and BumGenius Elementals all day, I thought I’d be brave and give a pocket diaper a chance.

The Fit

Diaper Rite Pockets are a one size diaper, fitting from 8lbs-35lbs. In my experience, one size diapers usually start fitting around the 10lb mark. Newborns are usually swimming in OS diapers and need fill out a little bit before they work well. My son is currently 30lbs and 33inches tall, and there is still room for him to grow in this diaper. This diaper seems generously sized, which is great for bigger babies or babies with chunky thighs! The leg elastic is soft and stretchy, and didn’t cause any red marks on his legs.


The diaper shell is made of TPU, which feels very soft and lovely. What’s the difference between TPU and PUL? Not much. With TPU, heat was used to bond the waterproofing layer to the fabric, and with PUL it was bonded chemically. TPU will last longer if you don’t wash it in hot water and if you hang it to dry. (By the way, this shell line dries FAST!)

Diaper Rite pockets are available with different linings; either a stay dry suede cloth or bamboo terry. If your baby hates feeling wetness, the suede cloth diaper will probably be more comfortable for him/her.  If you’re trying to use only natural fibers against your baby’s skin, the bamboo terry diaper would be a great choice!

Both styles of diaper rite pockets come with microfiber inserts. If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of microfiber. Fear not! The small Diaper Rite prefolds or Thirsties Hemp/Cotton flats fit perfectly into the Diaper Rite Pocket. I have a size 2 Thristies Flat and it fits easily into the diaper on its largest rise setting.


The pocket opening has elastic on both the liner and the outer shell. The opening looks small, but it stretches open easily. The elastic holds the insert in nicely, but it does prevent the insert from shaking itself loose in the wash. Be sure to pull the insert out before you toss it in to your diaper pail!

Overall Impression

For a one size diaper on the lower end of the price scale, I think this is a nice diaper! Being a pocket diaper, you can customize the absorbent material to suit your preferences, or to accommodate your child’s needs. If I needed to add more diapers to my stash, I would be happy to grab a few more of these! Especially while they are on sale for Black Friday ;)