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Diaper Rite Seconds? What is a "Second" and how are they different?

Posted by Julie on 6/9/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Diaper Rite Seconds are a fabulous deal but if you're not familiar with "seconds" or have never owned a Diaper Rite OS Pocket Diaper ever, you might be a little worried.

When I first started using cloth diapers the terminology was crazy. Nothing made sense and I could never find a definitive answer as to what's what!

So what is a second rate diaper or "seconds"? Well it's a diaper that's not first quality, duh! Just kidding! lol Seconds are diapers that have some crazy defect. Could be as simple as a tag sewn on upside down, the wrong color thread or snaps, something's missing, something's a different size, etc.

When a manufacturer is selling seconds they will tell you WHY the item is considered a "second."

In this case we're referring to Diaper Rite OS Stay Dry and Bamboo OS Pocket Diapers. They are exactly like first rate Diaper Rite diapers but they are missing two snaps.

Normally on a Diaper Rite OS Diaper there are two rows of 10 snaps across the diapers front panel. On these "seconds" there is a top row of 10 snaps and the second row has 8. Two snaps in the center are missing on the second row.

So how do these missing snaps affect the diaper? Well they ONLY affect the diaper when you have an itti bitti baby and the diaper is on the smallest setting when you'll want the tabs to cross over. In that case the tabs will still cross over but the hip snaps will line up with where the missing snaps are, or are supposed to be.

So there you have it! Seconds like these don't come around often. it's a great time to grab some of these functional cloth diapers at a really low price!

Just $7.66 each for our Stay Dry Diaper Rite OS Pockets,(each comes with 2 inserts)and $8.60 each for our Bamboo Diaper Rite OS Pockets (each comes with 2 inserts)!

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