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Diaper Pin Tricks for Cloth Diapering

Posted by Bert on 5/23/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To
“I’m sorry but why on Earth would anyone choose to use diaper pins?” This is what I thought to myself tonight as I was thinking about my blogging friends that are participating in Dirty Diaper diaper pins,snappis,fastenersLaundry’s 3rd Annual Flats Challenge. Diaper pins are so archaic, right?

After doing a little research and perusing Diaper Swappers I found that I was wrong. Some moms LOVE their diaper pins and prefer them over using the Snappi. Why?

Apparently they feel that they can get a better fit with a diaper pin over a Snappi because you can place the diaper pin anywhere on a prefold or flat. A Snappi, because of its design, has to be placed at the top of the diaper so that it can use all three of its special “triggers.” Moms also said that diaper pins provide a snugger fit than the Snappi which is interesting because according to Snappi that one of the benefits to using a Snappi.

A few tips that I learned when it comes to using diaper pins:

  • Use natural oils either from your own scalp (rub the pin against the scalp of your own head and the pin will pick up the oil – please be careful!)or keep your pins in a bar of soap that’s covered in fabric. The reason why you want to do this is because the oil on the pins makes the pin glide easily through the fabric.
  • Always be sure that the diaper pin is parallel to your baby to avoid pricking that sweet baby skin.
  • The other major benefit to using diaper pins is that they are more cost efficient than the Snappi. If you’re in a financial pinch don't underestimate the power of a prefold or flat with diaper pins to hold everything in place. The diaper pins of today have a safety lock on them making them pretty safe even for that curious toddler’s little hands.

Do you use diaper pins? Tell us why you prefer them over using a Snappi! rd Annual Flats Challenge. Diaper pins are so