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Diaper Junction's 50K Facebook Fan Giveaway & Celebration!

Posted by Julie on 9/4/2015 to Contests & Giveaways

Win FREE Cloth Diapers & Accessories during our 50K Giveaway and Celebration

We've made it to 50K Facebook Likes and we couldn't be happier! Together with some of our favorite brands we are bringing you an EPIC giveaway with lots of chances to win cloth diapers and accessories.

There will be EIGHTEEN individual winners chosen so you have great odds. Know what else? Entering should be easy because you likely are already a fan and follower of these well-known brands.

The Prizes

  • Grand Prize: Standard Tula Carrier from Diaper Junction in winner's choice of Treasure Hunt or Vivian
  • Super Undies, Nighttime Undies in Cotton or Microfiber
  • Apple Cheeks, Microterry Lil Bundle and Swim Diaper
  • Smart Bottoms, Smart One 3.1
  • BALM Baby, (Three Winners)1 Mad Rash, 1 Diaper Balm, 1 Teething Kit Combo (1 rub & 1 tincture), 1 Nip Soother
  • GroVia, GroVia O.N.E. Diaper
  • Thirsties, One Size All In One, Newborn All In one, Wet Bag and Pail Liner
  • Diaper Diamond, one Diaper Diamond
  • Buttons Diapers, one Cover & (3) Inserts
  • Funky Fluff, one Funky Fluff Shell + DeLux Insert Set
  • Rumparooz, 2 Rumparooz One Size Diapers (Dandelion and Tadpole)
  • Tots Bots, one Tots Bots EasyFit
  • Grandma Els, Rash Remedy Tube & Jar
  • PlanetWise, PlanetWise Wet/Dry Bag
  • Spray Pal, Spray Pal Shield & Wetbag Bundle
  • CottonBabies, bumGenius Freetime Jolly w/ Snaps + Rory Babylegs
This contest is open to the USA & Canada. Winners will be emailed and have 7 days to reply and claim their prize. Must be 18 yrs or older to win.

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Date 9/4/2015
dani mulligan
Date 9/4/2015
Kayla Nalley
Date 9/4/2015
Samantha Buentello
This is wonderful news and a great giveaway! So glad about all the exposure you've been getting over the years. I'm always recommending Diaper Rite products! Much love and support! Congrats!
Date 9/4/2015
Cassie Shirley
Thank you for the opportunity! !
Date 9/4/2015
Yay! 50k followers, that is so exciting!
Date 9/4/2015
Kelsey B
Ahhhhhhhh! Awesome giveaway! Way to go, 50K!
Date 9/4/2015
Kathryn W
Congratulations!! This is one amazing prize pack opportunity!!! Thank you
Date 9/4/2015
How exciting!!
Date 9/4/2015
Ashley Cardoso
Congrats again on your following, that truly is amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a great giveaway! ❤️
Date 9/4/2015
Caroline Pearson
Eeek!! This is so exciting! I'd love to win!
Date 9/4/2015
congrats on 50k!!!! Amazing giveaway!!!!
Date 9/4/2015
Kendra h
That is so wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway guys!
Date 9/4/2015
Trisha Chamberlain
Congratulations! I am sure you will be hitting 100K in no time, at all! Celebrate your amazing accomplishment. It's obvious, you are loved! <3
Date 9/4/2015
Marie Lenda
Date 9/4/2015
Jaimie Kurgas
Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Date 9/4/2015
Thanks so much for an amazing giveaway.
Date 9/4/2015
L. turner
Congratulations. This is epic, 50K followers!
Date 9/4/2015
Chelsey Vaughn
This is so.exciting!
Date 9/4/2015
Gina Evans
What a great giveaway!
Date 9/4/2015
Theresa Hibbard
50K!!! Awesome!!! This giveaway is Ahhh-mazing!! Thank you so much and thank you sponsors!!!
Date 9/4/2015
Lauren Simms
What an awesome giveaway for such an impressive following! Congratulations!
Date 9/4/2015
I'm a CLOTH CULTURE VULTURE! lol! The prints the Prints! Art at its finest!
Date 9/4/2015
Kellina Hall
Wow! How fantastic!!! Congrats! We love yall!
Date 9/4/2015
Very exciting. Congratulations
Date 9/5/2015
This is great!♡
Date 9/5/2015
Janaye Steele
Date 9/5/2015
Lisa Lee
Awesome deal! I would love to try these products on my little one. :)
Date 9/5/2015
Xioida Longo
50k!! Way to go!
Date 9/5/2015
Kathy Laird
Wow! Amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Crossing my fingers!
Date 9/5/2015
Heather R
yay!! congrats!! fingers are crossed hoping to win some goodies!!!
Date 9/5/2015
Way to go! And what great giveaways!
Date 9/6/2015
Great prizes!!
Date 9/7/2015
Congrats on 50k! Amazing!
Date 9/7/2015
Awesome giveaway!
Date 9/11/2015
paloma hernandez
ahhh im so excited!! congrats on your 50k!!
Date 9/11/2015
Congratulations on 50k!
Date 9/11/2015
congrats on 50k
Date 9/11/2015
Cassandra Rae
Yay congrats on 50k! I purchased from your store before and it shipped to Canada in no time :) also on the raffle copter in the diaper junkies Facebook group section I made a typo on my name it should be Cassandra Rae not Cassandra Rar lol ! I hope that is okay
Date 9/12/2015
Yay yay yay! How exciting! Thanks so much for this giveaway!
Date 9/12/2015
Amanda Giovannone
Sign of awesome work! Congrats!
Date 9/12/2015
Amber Delorme
I wanted to Congratulate You on reaching 50K..That's too Awesome &Amazing!!! You'll be Reaching 100K in no time..PS: Thanks for Hosting such an Amazing Giveaway!!
Date 9/13/2015
Anna Pry
its because you're awesome
Date 9/13/2015
sara Jane Douglas
Awesome giveaway!!
Date 9/13/2015
Rachel Szybisty
Diaper Junction has become my go to site! I love their selections and super fast shipping! Congratulations on 50k!
Date 9/13/2015
Jennilee Deitrich
I so need a Tula!
Date 9/14/2015
Jill Gosney
Congratulations!! Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to win prizes! Much love!!
Date 9/14/2015
Jenna Law
Congrats on 50k!
Date 9/15/2015
angela heath
An awesome giveaway :) ty for the chance. Fingers crossed.
Date 9/15/2015
How exciting! Congrats on all the followers!
Date 9/15/2015
Date 9/16/2015
Michelle Ventaloro
Thank you for the chance to win!! :)
Date 9/16/2015
Karen W
Congrats on 50k and thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!
Date 9/17/2015
Holly B
What an awesome giveaway. You guys rock. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize!
Date 9/17/2015
Danny N Charlotte Garza
We thank you for the chance to win!
Date 9/17/2015
Jessica McKinnon
how cool! thanks for the chance have to win!
Date 9/17/2015
Thanks so much for this opportunity to win some fantastic prizes!! Congrats on your success! Keep up the great work DJ!!
Date 9/17/2015
Congrats.. What a loyal following
Date 9/17/2015
Olivia Radics
Congrats! 50k followers, that's great!
Date 11/22/2018
Sangram jena

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