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Diaper Junction Family Focus - The Smith Family

Posted by Valerie on 2/6/2013 to Family Focus

The Family Focus series allows us to spotlight a cloth-diapering family that makes our online community so strong. This month's Family Focus is on the Smith family. Jeniffer and Drew have been married for 4 years and have 2 little girls, Abby and Lily. You may recognize Jeniffer's name from Sisters 'n Cloth, a blog she writes with her sister-in-law, Melissa.

How many diapers are in your stash!? I have 56 (I think!), including 24 flats and prefolds that I don't use very often. (This doesn't include the newborn stash I'm sharing with my sister-in-law!)

What is your favorite diaper and why? My favorite diaper is my TotBots in Jubilee print. I love the tea set on it, the colors, and especially the Union Jack heart. It's also a great, dependable diaper that happens to be an easily-stuffable AIO, perfect for a busy mom of 2 under 2!

How many kids do you have? What ages? I have two little girls who are 2 years and 5 months.

What was the thing about Motherhood that came the easiest to you? The easiest part has been trusting my gut when it comes to my girls. I try to take suggestions on parenting them with grace because sometimes the suggestions are just the answer I need, but ultimately I trust our relationship to guide my Motherhood. What has been the hardest thing? Giving up all of the me-time that I used to crave. Instead of having hours to do what I want, I share my time with my girls. Thankfully I learned to live with less and less me-time as my older daughter grew. I'm not looking forward to the day that she gives up naps for good!

Are you a SAHM, Working mom or WAHM or does your spouse stay home? I'm a SAHM. Honestly, any job I would be able to find right now wouldn't do much more than put the girls in daycare and get me to and from work. I'd also probably have to give up cloth diapers during the day (not many cloth diaper in our area), and the expense from disposable diapers would quickly add up. With breastfeeding and cloth diapering, I'm easily "making" more money for our family!

What issues are important to you that led you to cloth diapering? Enviroment? Cost? Natural parenting? The most important issue to me has been cost, but the cuteness factor keeps me going back to cloth. We wouldn't be able to diaper our girls without cloth. At the same time, though, I prefer a cute cloth bum to one with a disposable on it.

You write a blog with your sister-in-law. What inspires you to share cloth diapers with other families? When my daughter was born, we couldn't afford disposables. No way, no how. I slowly built my stash to where it is today through gifts (my sister-in-law was amazing and gave me 10 from a huge stash she bought), giveaways, reviews, and purchases. Using cloth diapers helps me take care of our family's finances better as well as make me a better steward of our resources. I also love sharing the cute colors and prints, so my girls usually wear dresses all summer! And if sharing these aspects of cloth can help another family, then it's even better!