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Diaper Junction Family Focus - The Sallee Family

Posted by Valerie on 3/6/2013 to Family Focus

The Family Focus series allows us to spotlight a cloth-diapering family that makes our online community so strong. This month's Family Focus is on the Sallee family. Jessica & Jeffrey will be celebrating 7 years of marriage this Saint Patrick's Day.

How many diapers are in your stash!? About 25, mostly pockets with a few all-in-ones and a couple fitteds that rarely get used.

What is your favorite diaper and why? I do currently love my Diaper Rite bamboo pockets, and I promise its not just because Diaper Junction is asking! They fit both my boys, which is a pretty big size difference, and hold extra inserts well for over night. I also love the elastic at the back - it drives me crazy on other diapers when the lining fabric is loose.

How many kids do you have? What ages? Ben, 3 years old, and Sean, 15 months.

What was the thing about Motherhood that came the easiest to you? The "gross" stuff about motherhood doesn't bother me at all - throw up, poop, toddlers peeing on the floor.

What has been the hardest thing? Its been hard for me to retain a sense of who I am as my kids take up so much of my time and thoughts, especially in the beginning when I was nursing and up at night a lot. I'm so thankful to have great friends who make girls night a priority and a husband who willingly takes on the kids so that I can go out with my friends or just to target by myself!

Are you a SAHM, Working mom or WAHM or does your spouse stay home? SAHM, plus work part time for the school district.

What issues are important to you that led you to cloth diapering? Enviroment? Cost? Natural parenting? I decided to cloth diaper after seeing a clip on Good Morning America about disposable diapers in landfills. They talked about how much space they took up and how long it took them to decompose. I started researching diapers and was very overwhelmed, so I didn't even buy any until after my first was born. I hated how much trash we had all of a sudden, and was a little disturbed by articles I had read about chemicals in diapers. We started cloth diapering when my oldest was 2 months old, and continued with him until he was potty trained. My second was in cloth diapers at about 3 weeks old, and with him we don't even do disposables at night....I haven't bought paper diapers in months and it is amazing!

Your anniversary is coming up on Saint Patrick's Day. Do you have any fun ways to incorporate the holiday with the celebration of your marriage? Before kids we used to go up to DC for the weekend and go out for St Patty's day but now we're a little more low-key. Our wedding favors were shamrock cookie cutters and we still have a few. We are planning to make sugar cookies with those cookie cutters and thought it would be a fun tradition to keep up with our boys.