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Delivering the comfort of cloth

Posted by CDB Guest on 12/23/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

It is always encouraging to hear about new and thriving cloth diaper services. Friday, Amanda Lucci, a StarNews Correspondent for the Wilmington Star News, featured Green Baby Diaper Service, owned by a mother-daughter team, Polly Buskirk and Liz Soffera.

Green Baby Diaper Service, based in Wilmington, NC, provides start-up instructions and resources for cloth diapering, as well as a delivery or drop-off cleaning service for those using cloth diapers. They service the surrounding counties of Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender.

Soffera states, "We use a commercial washer and dryer. We can dry over 200 diapers in 40 minutes…we counted out; we've saved close to 10,000 disposable diapers from going into the landfill. So we're real excited about that, and in only five months."

The diaper service was conceived after hearing friends talk about the debate between disposables and cloth diapers. "What we found was disturbing, yet hopeful because we're starting to see more and more mothers choosing cloth. As a result, we have 'given birth' to a service we know will help your baby and your planet for generations to come."

They have focused on being environmentally conscious in the creation of their business. This plays out in where they chose to locate (to reduce the amount of gas used in delivering diapers), as well as future plans for ways to "green" their approach to reduce the impact on the environment further.

Check out their website for information on "Why Cloth?" as well as Diapering Tips and Diaper Cover Care. They've taken great care to educate their site visitors on how to cloth diaper.

We've discovered that sometimes a diaper service is a family's first step away from disposables; not everyone wants to wash and care for their own diapers and diaper services offer a middle ground for those who don't want to purchase their cloth diapers from online cloth diaper stores.