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Debunking Top 3 Myths About Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 1/12/2012 to Getting Started

Cloth diapering myths debunked

Not everything you hear about cloth diapers is true.  In fact, a lot of the perceptions about cloth diapers that are preventing people from making the switch back to cloth diapers are false. 

It would be more advantageous for you to know more about cloth diapers before you completely shun the idea of using these as opposed to disposable ones.  You will find that you and your baby stand to gain more when you use cloth diapers.  Take a look at these top 3 myths about cloth diapers:

1. Cloth diapers  are difficult to use – If you take the time to gather information about cloth diapers available today, you will find that they are no more difficult to use than disposable diapers.  Those who are especially worried about the cumbersome folding and using giant safety pins to fasten the cloth diaper onto the baby’s privates can rest easy knowing that modern day cloth diapers come pre-folded and belted with snaps or Velcro straps.  Other versions such as the All-in-Two come with separate inner absorber pad that can simply be taken out and then replaced with a fresh one once it becomes soiled.  

2. Cloth diapers are difficult to washWashing cloth diapers is no different from laundering ordinary clothes with the exception perhaps of the soaking that some prefer to do while waiting for laundry day.  While others feel more comfortable about cloth diapers that are rinsed before soaking them in a wet pail, others have already adopted the dry method that has been proven to be equally as effective in keeping the soiled diapers from smelling as it sits in the sealed dry pail before laundry day.  Heat drying the cloth diapers with your dryer or line drying them under the sun would be enough to kill any bacteria in the washed cloth diapers.

3. Cloth diapers are not sanitary – On the contrary, cloth diapers are more sanitary because they are replaced every time your baby soils it.  Disposable diapers that contain special gels that keep the baby dry actually keeps the baby’s waste matter in contact with the baby’s bottom longer than it should.  Reading material about cloth diapers versus disposable diapers would show you that there are more babies who develop diaper rash with disposable diapers than with cloth diapers.