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Daycare and Cloth Diapers

Posted by CDB Guest on 8/10/2009 to Cost of Cloth Diapering

The purchase and use of cloth diapers helps to protect our planet. Many families also find cloth diapers more economical than disposable diapers. For others the use of cloth diapers may be due to fewer diaper rashes or allergies. Regardless of the reason families choose cloth diapers, one major obstacle can be "What to do about Daycare?"

When scouting potential daycare facilities, parents who wish to cloth diaper often dread asking the question, "Will you accept cloth diapers?" Some facilities will state they cannot "do cloth." Be prepared to respond; do the research ahead of time and be knowledgeable of any restrictions included in your state's laws and codes regarding cloth diapers. Most likely there are none and the refusal is directly from the daycare providers who are unaware of the ease of use and modernization of today's cloth diapers. They only know from their previous experience - 1970's-era rectangular flat diapers with pins and plastic covers. Take samples to show your potential daycare provider BEFORE asking if they take children in cloth diapers; show them how the diapers look and work. Show them the wet bags and clarify your intent to remove all soiled cloth diapers daily to take home and launder.

Some states, such as New Jersey, do have legislation regarding the use of cloth wipes. Again, you will need to check your individual state restrictions. If a daycare facility is licensed in your state, then they are required to follow the state's laws.

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