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Day 6 of the Flats Challenge: The end is near

Posted by Becca on 5/29/2011 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

Saturday morning, my daughter had the greenest poop I’d ever seen! It was so green I called my mom and my husband to come look at it as I asked them if maybe she’d ingested a crayon or something.  Seriously, it was THAT green.  Meanwhile, my little girl loved all the attention and just sat there on the changing table looking from one loving caregiver to another smiling widely.  It makes me wonder if she might just produce green poop again just to get our attention!  When I was washing it off, the fold sort of fell apart as I tried to hold all the corners and dunk the diaper without touching too much of the stuff…which brings me to the point of this story—I dislike cleaning poop off of flats or any other diapers with lots of creases where poop can hide.  But I got it off.  I think I got more of the poop off the diaper by dunking it than I would have with a diaper sprayer, actually.  Of course, my hands did became more submerged.

I did a diaper wash early Saturday morning while my mom was taking my daughter on a walk and my husband and brother were outside digging out a space for a patio.  It was so nice to do it early when I had so much energy.  I always do my best housework before noon because I’m so refreshed!

We had even more guests come over Saturday afternoon (seriously, this was a record breaking week in our house as far as guests are concerned) so I had yet more housework to do to prepare, but my daughter adores my mother almost as much as she adores me so she played happily with her most of the time leaving me free to do what needed to be done—including the diapers.

After the guests came and went, my husband and I went to help lead worship at a small church that just started nearby our house.  Bunny came with us, of course, and I went down and helped with the nursery after we were done singing and playing the guitar.  While down there, I changed her diaper and the nine year old girl who was helping was just like, “Wow! That is so cool! I love that diaper! Where did you get that?” so I told her I bought it on the Internet.  I just thought it was cool that she was so interested in the diaper.

I was pleased that I was the only one to change my daughter’s diaper all day long.  I love being with her and being the one to tend to her needs.  It’s such a blessing to care for her!

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and since it’s Sunday, my daughter will spend time in the nursery.  However, I still get to be with her all day long because I’m on nursery duty tomorrow.  I’m kind of glad because the last time I put her in a flat diaper and sent her to the nursery I didn’t expect anyone to actually change her for me (because I normally come in and do it between services) but they tried anyway and without any guidance or point of reference, they were lost.  I came into the nursery to find the poor, confused volunteer holding the unfolded flat in one hand and the cover in the other with the most bewildered look on her face.  I promised her then, that I’d never send my daughter to the nursery with that type of diaper again.  I want to convince people to use cloth, not scare them away from it!  Of course, if I’d taken the time to show her the diapers, and if I had some trifolded flats stuffed in some covers, she wouldn’t have been so lost!

Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow.  We’ll go to church and then we plan on having a little day trip to a nearby battlefield for some sightseeing with my mom and brother.  It should be a good day, and packing flats in the diaper bag means that I’ll have plenty of room for all the other things she’ll need with her tomorrow!