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Day 5 of the Flats Challenge: The home stretch!

Posted by Becca on 5/28/2011 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

Friday went much better than Thursday. It was calm, and there was no drama. Even though I have enough diapers that it wasnt necessary, I washed the diapers quickly while Bunny napped and then line dried them under the sun where they dried much more quickly than they would have inside. In fact, they dried in three hours that way. I hope its sunny during the rest of the week!

Ive been using a couple of different tricks here and there to make this process easier too. Someone commented on my post a couple of days back and suggested that I would cut my drying time with my diaper covers if I rolled them in a towel before hanging them so Ive been doing that and its working well. They seem to dry just as quickly as my flats that way.

Ive also stopped wringing my diapers out diagonally (from corner to corner) because when I do the square shape gets warped when they dry making it more difficult to fold them properly. Now, when Im the one who wrings them out, I wring them out pulling from the sides, rather than the corners, to keep the shape in tact.

Because most of my flats arent perfect squares, Ive started folding them into a square by folding one of the ends inward before making the kite fold because it just makes cleaner lines, and a simpler fold when its a perfect squarebesides adding just one more layer of absorbency into the center.

Im still agitating the diapers with my bare feetthough I admit that Id much rather just let the soak than agitate them at all. I stomp on them, kick them, and swirl them around with my toes for 2-3 minutes at most, and they seem to come out perfectly clean (even when my daughter has pooped) without my having to agitate them more.

When she woke up Friday morning after sleeping with a Diaper Rite flat coupled with a flour sack towel, she leaked just a bit through the legs for the first time. Im not sure I can blame that on the flour sack towel since I hadnt actually prepped it at the time. I think Ill just refrain from using it at night time until its been through a couple of washes. But other than that she hasnt leaked at all. Even in the Bummis cover which doesnt have as much room as the Thirsties, her bodily functions stay safely inside!

My husband has been so sweet to help me wring out the flats pretty much regularly now. Hes such a kind helpful man. Even though I promised him he wouldnt have to do any more than change her diapers, and he only agreed to the flats challenge on that condition, he always lends a hand when I ask for it. I havent asked him to clean a poopy one yet and I dont plan on it. That was a promise to him that I dont intend to break.

My mom came to visit for the weekend today and I taught her how to use a snappi. Shed seen me do it in my videos, but couldnt quite figure out how to do it herself. I ended up doing it for her, but well see, she might be able to do it next time without assistance. Of course, shes familiar with diaper pins so I told her where those are in case she isnt able to do the snappi on her own. Putting the kite folded diapers on Bunny is easy for my mom since theyre already pre-folded into the kite shape and all you have to do to put them on the baby is angel fold themwhich is how she put prefolds on me and my siblings back in the day.

Even Bunny is helping me! When she sees the diapers on the drying rack or watches me fold them on the living room floor, she declares, Diapers! and even offers, I fold da diapers, which really means, Im going to play with the diapers, and she proceeds to wear them. She went up to her daddy with one grasped around her waist and said, Daddy, I wear da dress! I love how she uses her imagination. Maybe when were past the diapering stage Ill add a couple to her dress up basket before giving the rest away.

Im seriously in love with my Thirsties covers. They fit so snugly and have plenty of room for nice, fluffy layers. Besides, the colors they have are awesome! I have three of them and Im not sure I can convince myself not to buy the rest of the colors. And Im in love with how trim flats are under certain articles of clothing that are usually difficult to wear with cloth diapers. Bunny has a couple pairs of shortsa plaid pair in particularthat she doesnt wear often because of her cloth diapers, but she was able to wear this week thanks to the flats. Ill definitely have her wear these more often, now that I know a trim cloth diapering option!

I love flat diapers, I really do and I think that using them this week is helping me to realize their benefits. I feel that theyll always be a part of my diaper rotation in the future. However, there are times here and there where I really wish I could just throw an easy, pocket on her and forget the folding, the pins/snappis, and the cover. I dont miss the washing machine, though. Because I have an HE machine and I always have to add water to every wash and rinse, it seems to be a hassle most of the time. Ive even asked my husband if we could trade our HE in for an old-fashioned top loader because the rest of my laundry doesnt seem to be as clean as it used to either (and its the same if I use a friends HE washer too!) Anyway, I feel that diaper washing takes up so much time in a week that I often feel behind on my regular laundry. So this week, Im catching up on the rest of my laundry and keeping my diaper laundry clean simultaneously. Its nice to kill two birds with one stone.

Now its Saturday and it will be the first day of this challenge that Im home with Bunny all day long. Im excited to see how that will go.