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Day 4 of the Flats Challenge: Thursday is DayCare day!

Posted by Becca on 5/27/2011 to Baby Wearing

Thursday is Daycare Day. Its been a day Ive been sort of dreading in regards to the flats challenge since I decided to join it. I actually didnt make a big deal or any deal at all over the flats challenge with my daycare. I didnt ask them or consult them about it. I simply replaced the pocket diapers with trifolds in covers and asked my husband to let them know when he dropped our daughter off that the diapers are slightly different but will go on the same. He said that he just told them I was trying something new and that they needed to make sure to fasten the diapers tightly. I crossed my fingers hoping everything would go well.

When I picked her up from daycare, she was dry and had gone through three diaper changes which is more diapers than theyve ever changed at daycare before. I wonder if its because the flat diapers actually feel and look wet as opposed to the microfleece and microsuede of a pocket diaper? In any case, she had even pooped during her time there so all the diaper changes must have gone well because neither of her teachers felt it necessary to mention the new diapers to me.

Because I had been running late for work, I didnt check on the diapers I had hung to dry in the basement until her nap, which was at about one oclock. . While she slept, I folded those diapers. Then, eager to avoid washing diapers after her bedtime again, I washed the five diapers that shed soiled since the last wash, and dragged the drying rack outside to take advantage of the warm weather and the strong sunlight.

She woke up about an hour later and I decided to try the diaperbag fold that Kim Rosas has been applauding on her blog. I tried it three times over the course of the evening and it just didnt work for us. I wasnt pleased with the placement of the absorbency and the fit was not only baggy and loose around the legs but there wasnt much room around the waist for my skinny little girl. In the future, if God ever blesses me with a chubby baby, I may have to try it again, but for now, Im going to stick with the kite fold. It always fits Bunny so snuggly and has just the right amount of absorbency in all the right places.

Next, I needed to run some errands. Right before leaving, I checked the diapers that had only been drying an hour to find that they were almost completely dry. I was confident that they would finish drying while I was gone. While we were out shopping, I bought some flour sack towels from Target to add to my flat diaper stash. They were only $3.99 for four . Theyre a bit thinner than the flats that I got from Diaper Junction, but even without being prepped (I rarely prep my diapers, ha ha!) they were still pretty absorbent! Im definitely pleased with my purchase. Now, I feel that I can go two days, if I feel the need, between washes and give my dry and tired hands a rest.

On our way home from the grocery store, things stopped going as planned. We suddenly drove into ridiculous rain and hail that was so strong that I felt the need to pull over and wait it out. As I sat there listening to ice pounding metal, it occurred to me that my diapers were still outside. I looked up at the clouds and realized that the storm was pretty localized and may not have reached my house yet so I made a frantic call to my husband to pull the diapers back inside. He did so and when I came home I was delighted to see that the rain had not yet touched our house and that the diapers had dried successfully. But the clouds were rolling in fast and menacingly followed by a strong wind that started blowing my daughters lawn toys across the yard. Honey, is there a tornado warning? I asked.

Tornados are very rare in our area but with the way the weather has been around the country lately, and the fact that we had a tornado in our area less than two weeks ago, I didnt think it unreasonable to ask. Yeah, there is, my husband said nonchalantly, at which point I panicked because my family is the most precious thing in the world to me and Ive been reading too many headlines lately involving tornados. We need to leave now! I said and ushered everyone to the car despite the wise protests of my husband. He calmly pulled things out of the yard and obliged me in my craziness as we drove the opposite way of the storm and into clear skies for an hour or so. Before leaving, I grabbed the still packaged flour sack towels Id just bought from Target (just in case wed be gone awhile) and a box of Teddy Grahams since it was Bunnys dinner time and I was in too much of a rush to grab something healthy for her. We piled into the car and easily out ran the storm which, unbeknownst to me had already traveled away from my town towards the town north of us (dont try this at home folks, the basement of your house is FAR safer than a car, but I panicked).

Soon, my husband convinced me that it was better to go home than to drive around aimlessly in the car. After checking the weather obsessively on my phone until I was sure the tornado warning was far enough north, I agreed, and we headed back to find that everything was safe and sound, minus some upturned lawn furniture. But my panicky trip had taken an hour or two away from our evening routine so when we got home, and things were rushed, I was very glad that Id already washed the diapers for the day and that Id bought four more for good measure. We were able to just relax, eat dinner, and even go out for ice cream. It was great.

For bedtime, Bunny wore a trifolded flat diaper with one of the flour sack towels folded into a kite. Im eager to see if this combination will hold water as well as two flat diapers together. Mostly, though, Im eager for tomorrow to be an uneventful day. With yet another family member coming to stay over with us, I dont know that that is possible. But at least I wont have to hand wash any flat diapers tomorrow unless I want to!


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