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Day 1, Rebecca starts the #flatschallenge!

Posted by Becca on 5/24/2011 to Frugal Cloth Diapering
Do you ever have something youve anticipated for awhile that just didnt go as planned? Thats how Flats and Handwashing Week has started for me. I used flats exclusively for a couple of days here and there in the past month and I didnt find it much more work at all. But this week I have family visitinglots of themwhich I hadnt anticipated until only a week or two ago and its wonderful, but it is making a week of no pocket diapers, diaper sprayer, or washing machine just a bit more crazy. Granted, its not really the diapers thats doing thatits the extra dishes, laundry, cooking, and straightening up that a full house brings, but yesterday, my first day using and hand washing flats exclusively, I found it all to be a little overwhelming!

We were thrilled when we discovered my sister would be here and my husband took that as an opportunity to have a free babysitter while going in a couple of hours in the morning yesterday (he stays home most mornings while I work). This meant that I had to give her the Flats and Handwashing week rundown. You should have seen her face when I first showed her the diapers. I thought she was going to faint. Im not using pins. She told me bluntly, so I showed her the trifold stuffed into a cover and that seemed to give her a great deal of relief.

When I got home from work and asked her how the morning with my daughter had gone, she said that it had been fine, but that she was so worried that Bunny would poop and it would go everywhere because she noticed how the trifold sags down in the diaper cover. I assured her that if she did poop, it would stay in the cover at least, but figured she was ready for another fold so I pulled out some of the flats Ive already folded into kites and gave her a quick tutorial with a snappi on one of Bunnys dolls while she slept. I think shell be using that today when Im at work.As far as poop goes, Im taking full responsibility for that. Both my husband and my sister are aware that they are allowed to put the poopy diapers aside to let me deal with them when I get home since we have to dunk the poop off and they dont want to touch that with a ten foot pole.We went through about 8 flat diapers yesterday. I thought that was good.

There are still more than half left that are clean while the rest of them dry (actually, its 7:00 AM as I write this and I washed and hung them last night at 10:00PM so theyre probably already dry!) and it wasnt a terrible amount of work to wash them. I was frustrated that I had to hand wash some pockets and maxi pads with my stash, though. I would have put them in the wash but there were only a couple of them. I tried to time the diaper wash so that I put my last load of pockets, prefolds, and fitteds in the washer just as I put the first flat on my daughter on Monday morning, but the diaper pail just got too full so I washed them Sunday afternoon and had a few more pockets that got used in the meantime.

I was surprised that it wasnt terrible hand washing the pockets with the flats when it came down to it, though. Theyll take a couple days to dry, thats certain, but since I wont be using them all week, Im okay with that.I have to say, with so much cooking, cleaning, and laundry going on, I do understand why women back in the day felt liberated with inventions such as washing machines, dish washers, and disposable diapers. I sort of feel like I have a never ending job. If only everyone would stop eating, wearing clothes, and my daughter would stop pooping and playing I could get a break! Ha ha :-D But at the same time, I feel blessed that I have the choice to use cloth diapers and a washing machine if push comes to shove. I also feel blessed that I have the choice not to throw lots of money every week into the trash with throw away diapers!


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