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Daily Diapering: One mama uses cloth and disposables

Posted by CDB Guest on 6/29/2011 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Everyone has their reasons that got them started on cloth diapering. They can be the cost, the environment, what the baby’s skin is exposed to. In our house we do cloth diapers half the time and disposables half the time. So, what are the day-to-day comparisons of disposable vs cloth?

  • Disposables: It’s easier on the grandmas while baby sitting. One grandma in particular is just more comfortable with the disposables. I want to get more pocket diapers in my stash since they are the most similar, but for now disposables are easiest. This goes for the volunteers in the church nursery, too.
  • Cloth: Both of the last two times Nana babysat, Sawyer had a major blow-out. It was all up his back, and I was glad I had packed an extra outfit in the diaper bag.
  • Disposables: Every time I have to run to the store for another pack of disposable diapers I have two thoughts. 1) This money is just getting thrown away. 2) I could buy some more fluff with this money!
  • Cloth: With all the fun, cute cloth diapers out there I just want to add to my stash. Cloth: Yes, it takes time to do the diaper laundry. It seems to be a never ending cycle in more than one way.
  • Disposables: To make these affordable even doing them half the time, I have to coupon. I wait until they are on sale and I have a coupon to make them as cheap as possible. Couponing takes time too. Either way, diapering becomes somewhat of a hobby.
  • Cloth: You don’t know what kind of baby you’re going to have: skinny, chubby, heavy wetter, etc. It’s best to try different diapers to find your favorite and what works for different times and situations. This isn’t easy on the pocket book if you need to experiment with your stash.
  • Disposables: I still had to try around to find the diaper that fit and would work. Sawyer can only wear one kind because of fit and the fact that he has a propensity to reflux diaper rash.
  • Cloth: Speaking of diaper rash, when Sawyer is in cloth more often than not, he doesn’t get it. The only problem is that when he has gotten it from being in disposables too long, I can’t use the only cream that clears it up – Burt’s Bees – with cloth.
  • Disposables: I can use diaper rash cream without worrying about what it does to the absorbency. It’s just tricky getting the timing right to switch him back to cloth so that he doesn’t break out again.
  • Disposables: As a personal up, my husband is more than willing to change diapers. It is hilarious to hear the reaction to some of the more explosive episodes, but he changes them without complaint – as long as it’s with the least amount of handling as possible. This means disposables it is when he is home.
  • Cloth: What can I say? I love my fluff, and I’ll change a cloth diapered bottom any day!