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DIY: Prefold Cloth Diapers with Snaps Coversion

Posted by Becca on 2/13/2014 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Tutorial: Adding Snaps to Prefolds

I like prefolds. I like them with a snappi, boingos, and sometimes I prefer them most with pins. Sometimes, I even love them tri­folded into a cover. But I didn’t always feel this way. Learning to appreciate this diaper took a while for me. My husband never understood why I liked them. He will use prefolds if they accomplish a purpose our other diapers can’t—such as combating a bout of sensitive skin and diaper rash, or because all the other diapers are dirty. Otherwise, he doesn’t see the point of having them if we already have the easier diapers.

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In an attempt to make things easier on my husband and on myself; and also so I could let my daughter go coverless in prefolds, I decided to make them easier to use by adding snaps to them.

The following is a documentation of my attempt (which turned out to be successful) and can serve as a tutorial for any of you who are interested in similarly altering your prefolds.

Supplies needed

Step 1

Snap placement.

Place your prefold on your baby the way you normally would when fastening with a Snappi, Boingos, or pins. Instead of fastening the prefold, mark the areas where the fabric overlaps when attached.
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Remove the prefold from your baby and place markings for snaps within the overlapping areas—sockets in the front panel (it’s rarely necessary to go all the way across the front panel), and studs on the wings. Add a few extra markings to either side of where the prefold currently fits your baby s/he has room to grow.
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Step 2

Add a size

If you want to make this more versatile, you can add a second row of studs on the wings of your prefold by folding the back down as you would when fitting it to a baby with a lower rise. In fact, your baby may currently wear his/her prefold this way so you may want to do this to begin with. You can also add a second row of sockets on the front panel.
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My prefolds have sockets on both sides of the wings. The sockets on the one side can be used to fasten when the diaper is folded down, and the sockets on the other side can be used to fasten when the rise of the diaper fits the baby perfectly.

Step 3

Add the Snaps

Follow the directions of your snap pliers/snap press for adding snaps to the specified spaces on your diaper. Remember, the studs will be added to the back wings, and the sockets will be added to the front panel.
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Step 4

Wear the diaper.

The diaper is now ready to be used. I really enjoy the simplicity of a prefold diaper now that one of the steps has been removed. Also, it’s nice to be able to wear the diaper coverless without having to use pins.
Fair warning, there are positives and negatives to this conversion. I’m glad I added snaps to my diapers, but I wish I’d only done so to half of them. The snaps make them much easier to use when folded around the baby’s bottom, but they really shouldn’t be used trifled into your diaper covers this way. Also, they’re less useful as burp cloths, rags, changing pads etc once the snaps have been added.