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DIY: Make Your Own Fleece Cloth Diaper Liners!

Posted by Michelle on 2/20/2013 to Cloth Diaper How-To

Do-It-Yourself Fleece Liners!

By Michelle Ferguson

Fleece liners are great for overnight or if your baby doesn't like to feel wet. They wick away the moisture leaving baby feeling dry the whole time! They are also nice for when you need to use diaper cream to protect the diaper. You can purchase fleece liners but you can also make them yourself! They are super easy to make and don't require any special talent!

All you need to make your own fleece liners is an old fleece blanket, or some fleece fabric. I found an old fleece blanket sitting in our closet that we never use, so I used that. You'll also need some scissors, a ruler, a pen or marker, and if you have one, another fleece liner to use as a pattern.

If you have another fleece liner, all you have to do is lay the liner on the blanket and use it as a pattern to cut the blanket the same size and shape as the liner.

Now you have two fleece liners that are the same size! You can continue to do this until you have the number of fleece liners you want!

If you don't have a liner already, you can still make a great fleece liner! Simply take one of your cloth diapers and measure the inside by length and width.

I then measured the fleece blanket out one inch less than the actual diaper size and marked it with my marker. Then I simply cut it out where I marked it in a rectangle shape. Now you have a liner that should fit perfectly into your diapers!

You can also do this for as many liners as you need!

I told you it was easy! If you want to you can stitch around the liner to make them a little sturdier but I never do and they work just fine for me. Have fun making your very own fleece liners!

Bio: Michelle is the mommy behind the blog The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom. She is a stay-at-home mommy of two small boys! She loves to write about her boys, cloth diaper, and other fun parenting topics!