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DIY Cloth Diaper Sprayer Spraying Protector

Posted by Becca on 5/27/2014 to Cloth Diaper How-To
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Diaper Spraying Protector

The following are instructions for a DIY diaper spraying protector. It isn’t quite as large or as useful as those available for purchase, but it’s free, so you can use it until the one you purchased comes in the mail, or save the money altogether.

You will need:

1) a milk carton, or some other large jug with a handle. The larger the better. (As soon as my economy size laundry detergent bottle is empty, I’ll be using that!)

2) Kitchen shears or a box cutter if you chose a particularly thick jug or carton.

3) Clothespins.


Step 1: Cut off the top and the bottom of the bottle.
Step 2: Attach clothespins to the handle side of the bottle.
Step 3: Ignore your husband as he laughs at your harebrained schemes.
Step 4: Slide soiled diaper inside the open bottle from the bottom and pin at the top.
Step 5: Spray down through the top opening with your diaper sprayer until all the poop has been removed from your diaper.
Step 6: Remove clothespins and pull diaper out through the bottom of your spray protector.
Step 7: Squeeze out excess water and place in diaper pail.

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That’s it folks! It’s that simple. Enjoy!