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Cute FALL and AUTUMN themed cloth diapers from

Posted by Bert on 9/19/2013 to New Products

Festive and Fun Autumn and Fall Cloth Diapers!

Fall's here and I LOVE everything about it. Why not marry my love of autumn with cloth diapers? Yes, Bert you are a genius. Why thank you!

babykicks Look at how cute this BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper is? It reminds me of candy corn.

About the Babykicks Basic Pocket: The Basic One Size Pocket Diaper, designed to fit approximately 7-40 lbs with a unique snap-down sizing system that will provide an easy fit and maximum comfort for even the smallest babies. The waterproof shell is soft and durable, while the ultra-plush microfleece stay-dry lining keeps your baby feeling dry (and happy!).

applecheeks Cherry Tomato AppleCheeks diaper please! The color matches the red maple leaves in my backyard.

About AppleCheeks: AppleCheeks Envelope Covers are constructed of a breathable, waterproof PUL outer layer that is sewn to a buttery soft microfleece inner layer for ultra softness against your little one’s sensitive skin. The waist and leg openings are designed with a snug, durable elastic to guarantee a gentle and secure fit. Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps allow you to get the perfect fit every time.

babylegs Since the fall feels cold in the mornings and then heats up in the afternoon, BabyLegs are a perfect accessory to add to any outfit. Easy during diaper changes and they'll keep those chubby little legs warm! I especially like these for our little autumn theme...

smartbottoms And rounding out our fall theme I have to add a brown diaper from Smart Bottoms AIO called Gorilla Blue. You can't have a theme centered around fall without having any brown represented, right? Right.

About Smartbottoms: Smartbottoms is a 100% certified organic cotton one size all-in-one cloth diaper. Each is super soft, absorbent and dries quickly. Even with 10 layers of absorbent cotton, this AIO is guaranteed to dry in one cycle or less!

What would you add to our fall theme cloth diaper and accessory list?