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Cupcake Woolies & Other Scrumptious Stuff

Posted by Bryana on 1/13/2010 to Baby Wearing

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, in her Sunday, January 10, 2010 "Running with Needles" post, Woolies help moms go green with cloth diaper covers, featured Sarah Eddy, owner of Chickadee and Me.

Chickadee & Me an environmentally-minded endeavor, offering a kind of "upcycled diaper cover" style called "woolies".

Made from the softest recycled wool sweaters she could find, these "woolies" are designed to pull over cloth diapers, but Eddy also suggests the woolies can be worn over disposable diapers as clothing.

According to Ackerman-Haywood, Eddy experimented with several cloth diaper brands and styles before pulling our her sewing machine and making her own appliqued diaper covers "…in a range of styles including brieflike 'soakers,' capri-length 'shorties,' full-length 'longies' and even 'footies' that cover the child from waist to toe."

Chicadee & Me Woolies are sold on Etsy where the applique designs range from cute cupcakes to scottie hottie; definitely something for every baby's bum - whether committed to cloth diapers or simply wanting a cute wool pant to pull on baby.