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Coping with two in cloth diapers!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 7/9/2011 to Cloth Diapering Multiples
I have been cloth diapering two for two months now. The first thought I have is WOW- the laundry!!

We have to wash cloth diapers every other day. Not because of the odor or lack of cloth diapers, but my-oh-my how 2 kids will fill those diaper pails. Yep, we have two diaper pails one next to the changing table for the newborn and one in the bathroom for the 2 year old. I do not rinse out the newborn diaper as I find the diapers come clean in the wash. I do rinse out the toddler diapers. I use a home made felt diaper liner that is very easy to swish in the toilet, but I am soon going to install a diaper spayer.I have an HE front loading washer. It took some trial, error, and lots of reading what other people do to wash their cloth diapers.

My routine is- Wash the diapers on cold with the regular setting- I add at least four gallons of water through the detergent drawer- 1 wash on Hot with 1 tbsp of homemade detergent (3 cups borax, 3 cups washing soda, and one bar fels-naptha soap grated)- I end with a final wash on cold. Thankfully I have a clothes line and hang up my cloth diapers for that fresh, sunny touch. I fill my line completely with diapers.

What cloth diapers you ask? I am a diaper cover lover. I have Flip and Thirsties duo covers, and I have fallen in love with Diaper Rite pre-folds. I have tried other pre-folds, but found that diaper rite fits my diapers better. I do have Flip inserts I use on my toddler, but find I prefer to grab the pre-folds. I have yet to have a blow out with my newborn who is breastfed- Never in all 4 have I had a newborn who did not explode out of his diaper, but now we are two months with no explosion. I credit that to my Thirsties covers and reading about the proper fit for a diaper. We do not even get leaks. Since I have been super blessed with a newborn that sleeps through the night I double up his diaper at night. I wrap a pre-fold around a microfiber insert and away he goes until morning with no leaks.

I am often asked How I can cloth diaper on the go? Don’t the diapers take up too much room in the diaper bag? I travel with a kushies wet bag that holds 8 pre-folds. This bag really does hold in the dampness and the odor. My bag is packed with 2 assembled diapers and 4 extra pre-folds for the baby and 2 assembled diapers and an extra pre-fold for the toddler. They do take up a bit more room than disposables but, I fit all my diapering needs into a standard size diaper bag, and I only carry one bag for both kids.

Does it really save money with all the water and electricity to wash diapers? Yes, I am saving money. 3washes on my HE machine still uses less water than 1 wash on a traditional top loader. Electricity is minimal compared to the cost of diapers. I paid for my cloth diapers in the first 2 months of my newborns life. With at least 8 changes a day over 7 days and 9 weeks that is 560 diapers I did not throw away or need to buy.I encourage other moms to try cloth diapers. As a stay-at-home mom I am excited to contribute to our budget by saving money. My little bit of effort to wash, dry, and fold cloth diapers really adds very little extra work. Instead of rushing off to the store to buy diapers when I am running low I simply wash, dry, and go.

Guest Blogger:

Jennifer M- I am a stay-at-home, home schooling mama to four boys. I am madly in love with my husband of 13 years. I cloth diaper a two year old and a 2 month old.