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Convincing hubby you NEED to do the Flats Challenge!

Posted by Becca on 4/25/2011 to Frugal Cloth Diapering

So, I have this problem and its called obsessive cloth diapering. Many of you probably know it all too well. You see that fluffy piece of cloth diaper goodness on your computer screen and you must have it because its different from any other piece of fluff you have! And besides, even though your stash is overflowing to the extent that it can no longer be contained in your dresser, shelf, or basket, you need it. I admit to having this problem. However, Im also quite stingy so I generally drool over the fluff without buying because my baskets are so overflowing that they are literally bursting at their corn husk seams. So, if I MUST have it, I find ways of getting it for free or ridiculously cheap by either finding a knock-your-socks-off-deal, making it myself, or doing a trade with a WAHM. But when I cant make it or find it for free, I will buy it if Ive convinced myself I need it. Thats how I had full stashes of flats, prefolds, fitteds, and pocket diapers.

I convince myself I need these different types of diapersfull stashes of eachfor very good reasons.

I needed the prefolds and flats because we were going on a weekend retreat with the youth (my husband is the youth pastor) and I knew Id have to handwash my diapers. I liked the idea of using prefolds and flats because they are not only easier to handwash, but they take up less space in a suitcase.

I needed the fitted diapers because I like to go coverless when my daughter has a rash or just to prevent my daughter from getting a rash.

I needed all the wool covers to go with the fitteds, prefolds, and flats because wool is so AMAZING!

I needed the pocket diaper stashwhich is double what Id call a full stashbecause its what I started with before I was willing to try anything else and I didnt know when to stay when.

Once I had gained all of these wonderful diapers, the fun could begin! Now, some days Im in the mood for fitteds with wool. Other days I prefer to cover them with PUL. Occasionally, Im in the mood to try my flats with pins. And recently I pulled out my snap pliers and added snaps to all my prefolds so that my daughter could wear her prefolds coverless so sometimes I use them alone, and sometimes I trifold them into a Thirsties wrap. The diapering style options from my stash are plentiful and I like to change it up (get it, change? Ha ha!) because its fun.

But my husband doesnt see it that way. As he watched me hold down our wiggly 19 month old toddler while I slipped a kite-folded flat under her and attached it with with diaper pins he shook his head, Honey, I just dont know why you use those diapers when we have all these wonderful diapers that are so easy to use? He loves the pockets and doesnt quite understand why I bought all the other kinds of diapers once we had enough of them.

So, when I decided to do the Flats and Handwashing Challenge, I knew it would be quite a feat to get my husband on board, and since we share the stay-at-home duties, it was necessary to do so. When I first mentioned the challenge to him in passing, he said, Becca, no. No, no no. Im not doing that. I shut my mouth while continuing to do the research on a project that I found utterly intriguing, and was almost as quickly convinced to do the challenge as he was convinced not to. I thought about it for a couple of days, let it marinate, and then brought it up to him again. So, sweetheart, Im really really sorry and I know you wont like it but were going to do the Flats diapers for a week and Ill be handwashing them instead of using the washing machine. He raised his eyebrows in shock and horror.

Really? he moaned.

And we cant use the diaper sprayer? I squinted my eyes together tightly, anticipating the Absolutely not! that I so feared hearing.

What!?!? he exclaimed, his incredulous shock increasing exponentially.

But, honey, Ill make it so so easy for you, I responded quickly before he had a chance to say no. Ill have all the flats prepped and waiting in the coversIll lay them in just like we do with prefolds sometimes so all youll have to do is wrap the diaper on and go. If she poops, I give you permission to lay it aside and leave it for me to clean. Its only a week and its for a really good cause! There was a l-o-n-g pause and then his shoulders slumped in reluctant surrender and he signed.

Fine, if we have to. But I dont like it.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I gave him a big squeeze.

So now, were on. I officially have permission from my husband to do the challenge that I so wanted to be a part of. I was worried that since Im not a full time stay-at-home-mom it might not be possible, but with a little work and planning, it seems that well be just fine. It wasnt easy, but when I let him know that I wouldnt be piling any more work on him than what he is used to dealing with, his defenses lowered and he felt safe to climb aboard the flat wagon for a weekjust one, though. Im sure Ill continue to use them long after that, but hell never lay a hand on one again :-D.