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Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 2/15/2007 to Cloth vs. Disposables
The cost of disposable diapers is pretty easy to calculate. You will change your baby's diaper an average of 6,500 times! We have researched a variety of diapers, sizes, and sources to calculate an average cost per diaper. Please note that all of our cost figures are based on our local area and can fluctuate by region. 6500 diapers X $0.31 per diaper=$2015.00In order for us to calculate the cost of cloth diapers we need to answer a few questions.

1. How much do cloth diapers cost?
The cost of cloth diapering does vary depending on the diapering system to choose. There are a variety of cloth diapers to choose from that fits every lifestyle and budget. below we have listed a prefold package that will fit your baby from newborn to approximately 30 months.36 infant prefold diapers 4X8X4, 24 Premium prefold diapers 4X8X4, 18 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. (6 newborn, 4 small, 4 medium, 4 large)=$275.10

2. How much does it cost to wash cloth diapers?
We have listed an average cost of detergent, electricity, and water. Costs will vary depending on the detergent, wash regimen, and appliances. These figures have been based on washing one load of diapers every other day. A wash cycle consists of a cold prewash with baking soda, a hot wash with detergent, and a cold rinse.

Detergent & Baking Soda Cost

Detergent $0.07 cents per wash (remember you're only using 1/4-1/2 of the recommended amount)Baking Soda $0.06 cents per washTotal detergent & baking soda cost=$0.13 cents per wash load

Water & Electricity Cost

The average washing machine uses 42 gallons of water per wash load. we have included both the cost of water and the cost of sewage treatment.42 gallons of water X $0.0071 cents per gallon=$0.30 (rounded up) per wash cycleThe average washer uses 6.9 KWh per wash cycle. 6.9 KWh X $0.051 cents per KWh=$0.35 cents per wash cycleThe average dryer uses 3 KWh per dry cycle. 3 KWh X $0.051 cents per KWh=$0.15 cents per dry cycle Total water & electricity cost=$0.80 cents per wash cycle

Now let's add it all up!

30 months of washing diapers every other day=450 wash loads450 wash loads X $0.13 cents per wash load for detergent & baking soda=$58.50450 wash loads X $0.80 cents per wash load for water & electricity=$360.00Initial cost of cloth diapers=$275.10 (based on basic prefolds and wraps)Total for cloth diapers=$693.60Wouldn't you like to save more than $1000 dollars?This comparison does not include the use of cloth wipes over disposable wipes. Cloth wipes can save another $150 or more!Another thing to add:Cloth diapers can be reused for subsequent children!